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100th Anniversary Celebration, Swainsboro Kiwanis

The Kiwanis Club of Swainsboro recently held its 100th Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday night, August 30, 2022, at the Jean Anderson Morgan Student Center at East Georgia State College at 7:00. With President Dianna Wedincamp presiding, there were over 75 in attendance, including guests and 30 Swainsboro Kiwanians.

President Dianna opened the evening by introducing Dr. David Schecter, President of East Georgia State College. Dr. Schecter welcomed the gathering to EGSC and invited them back anytime.

After a scrumptious meal, the program for the evening began with President Dianna introducing 2021-2022 Georgia District Governor Byron Mullican. Byron thanked the club for their support during his time as Governor. He could always count on the Swainsboro Kiwanis Club. He also presented a certificate of appreciation to President Dianna on the groups 100th year as a very active Kiwanis Club.

Club member Tim Goodman brought a duplicate Swainsboro Kiwanis charter forward. The unsigned duplicate was provided by Kiwanis International and had been signed by Kiwanis International President Peter Mancuso. Byron was asked to officially sign the Charter as the current Georgia District Governor.

Past Kiwanis International Trustee Dewey Smith brought greetings from Kiwanis International and talked of his time as Governor and his visit to Swainsboro to be in the Pine Tree Festival parade when Chip Durden was the parade marshal. Kiwanian Petite Garrett introduced the special guests including Governor Mullican and his wife Susan, past Trustee Smith, past Kiwanis International President Bill Lieber, District Executive Alexia Lieber, Governor-Elect Darryl Gumz, Immediate-Past Governor George Elkins, Governor-Elect of the Kentucky-Tennessee District Dwight Watt and his wife Shari, and Division 17 Lt. Governor Jeanette LaFond.

She also recognized all past Division 17 Lt. Governors including Swainsboro Kiwanians Gary Howard and Tim Goodman as well as local commissioners, community leaders, and service club leaders.

Kiwanian Jane Durden gave highlights of the past 100 years of the Swainsboro Kiwanis Club, focusing on service to the community and the support given to the Georgia District by past Governors Ivey Rountree (1937-38) and Chip Durden (2003-2004).

Edwin Canady was recognized as a 50-year Swainsboro Kiwanis member. Tammy Allen and Cayla Scarboro did a drawing for a caramel cake, a carrot cake, and a Hersey-bar cake, all baked by Petite Garrett. They were won by Tammy Wildi, Jimmy Allen, and Gary Howard. Gary presented his winning cake to Alexia Lieber for all the help she provides the Kiwanis Club.

A special thanks goes out to the 100th Anniversary Committee - Tammy Allen, Jane Durden, Petite Garrett, Cayla Scarboro, and Dianna Wedincamp. Petite also baked the 100th Anniversary cake.

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