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  --1957 Chevy Breakup--

by Adeline Ike

Original artwork by Ashlyn Ike

Mr. Sandman plays on the radio as Andy and I sit quietly in his 1957 convertible Corvette. He rests his hand on his temple and his elbow on his door. Earlier, Andy asked me where was the perfect place to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July, and I chose an old diner parking lot that has the best view of the open sky. We sit here, waiting for the fireworks to go off. Andy yawns, "Andy?" "Hmm?" he replies, not caring to look at me. I roll my eyes, "Why aren't you looking at me?" I whine slowly. He shrugs his shoulders. I turn away from him in my seat, crossing my arms with a humph. I play with my dress impatiently as another song comes on. Andy sings with the music, still ignoring me. I need to be more dramatic. I turn back to him, "Andy, why are you doing this to me? Don't you like me?" Andy stops singing, turning his head slightly in my direction, "Rose, come on. Let me enjoy this new radio." "But Andy--" He puts his hand up, continuing to hum with the music. Here I am, in 1957, sitting in my boyfriend's new sports car with his astonishing new dashboard radio, and he's ignoring me purposely. I could be enjoying this victorious day with someone else if he wasn't in my way. I look at him one last time before deciding what to do. I unbuckle the seat belt and open the car door, getting out as quickly as possible. "Rose? What you doin'?" "Going home." I declare, slamming his car door loudly. I see his cringe in my mind. It makes me feel good. My heels click on the road as I walk away, my dress swaying with my mood. "Rose, wait a second!" Andy shouts as he hops out of his car. I start singing Cross Over the Bridge as I ignore him back. "Rose!" He grabs my hand, swirling me around. "Yes, Andy?" I bat my eyelashes up at him. I raise my eyebrow as he struggles for the right words. I smile delicately. "Rose, please don't go. I'm sorry I ignored you. I was distracted--" "Andy, it's all right. I understand that you're obsessed with your new car and radio. But I got to go. My family is probably wondering where I am." I pull my hand away from him and kiss his cheek, "I think this is a sign that we ain't meant for one another. I think someone else has your heart right now, and I don't want to be in the way of that." I look at his car. Andy looks down at his shoes. "Just wait a minute, Rose. Do me one more favor before you disappear?" "Yes, Andy?" He takes my hand and pulls me close, resting his hand on my waist, "Dance with me?" he whispers. The song Cry Me a River comes on.

I let him rock us slowly, as the fireworks finally burst into the air. I rest my head on his shoulder as I enjoy my last goodbye to Andy. I feel nice and warm, but I know we ain't meant to be. It's written all over Andy's face and mine.

I pull away when the song ends, "Goodbye, Andy." I whisper. He smiles as I turn to walk away. I feel sassy and good as I walk toward a house just around the corner. It happens to be the house where Jack lives. The man who really has my heart. I smirk mischievously as my curls bounce on my shoulders.

That worked perfectly!

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