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94 students earn honors for second quarter at David Emanuel Academy

According to Headmaster Haylee Free, almost 100 pupils are honor students for the second nine weeks of the 2021-2022 school year at David Emanuel Academy. Below are the names of students who were named to either headmaster’s list or honor roll.

Headmaster’s list

Melanie Boatright, Nat Henry Braddy, Emma Camps, Weston Moore, Blayne Webb, Walker Arp, Sarah Beecher, Case Black, Blakely Brinson, Ellis Claxton, Phoebe Daniel, Judson Flanders, Hadley Griner, Easton Hall, Julian Hodges, Blakely Holland, Violet Lai’Tyam, McKenleigh Tankersley, Carolyn Vautier, Layla Clark, Dalton Flowers, Greyson Gowen, Tyran Kirby, Joel Vautier, Ava Williams, Bentley Brinson, Charlie McRae, Lawton Wiggins, Kaley Flowers, Henny Patel, Aubrey Scott, Weston Lee, A.J. Edenfield, Bailey McNure, Mason Williams, Aubrey Williams, Clayton Hood, Peyton Lee, Josie Grace Black, Billy Martin, Emma Taylor, Grace Catherine Hood, Rylie Rowland, and Alana Tant

Honor roll

Calyn Bowen, Harlee Claxton, Weslee Fields, Waylon Mills, Jackson Moore, Finley Proctor, Griffith Purcell, Harper Canady, Addison Griner, Blakely Johnson, Kavya Patel, Ellis Register, Adah Way, Jax Womack, Beau Andrews, Lauree Douglas, Mary Bess Fields, Samuel Martin, Evie Moore, Brantley Register, Bryton Rowland, Lydia Warrick, Tate Wilkes, Rayleigh Faircloth, Blaine Fordham, Eli Hackle, Bethany Henry, Kevin Jaquish, Jacob Lewis, Alba Ricks, Amelia Wilkes, Kate Yeomans, River Holloway, Emily McRae, Anna Sutton, Ethan Fields, Cason Sapp, Addalyn Terwilliger, Emmi Lai’Tyam, Ella Claire Claxton, Sara Cate Fennell, Maddie Perkins, Emma Proctor, Tony Sutton, Ann Carol Daniel, Cora Ellington, Cayley Flanders, Peyton Free, Jaylin Hall, and CheyAnne Howard

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