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A buck sent from above

In the beginning, on the sixth day to be specific, God created the animals who walk on land. In that way, it’s obvious what the headline of this story means. Ask any hunter here in the South and they’ll likely attest to the fact that all bountiful hunts are by the grace of God. However, for one little girl, her recent deer harvest was sent from above twofold.

Anna Grace Scarborough, the 10-year-old daughter of Johnathon and Cera Scarborough, is shown here with this 10-pointer she dropped in its tracks during the morning hours of Sunday, October 24.

Back in February, Anna Grace lost her “Papa,” Johnny Scarborough. Her mother explains that Anna Grace and Johnny shared the passion of hunting together and would go often, like grandpa and granddaughter do.

“She told her daddy that she would like to still hunt her Papa’s stand, just like the two of them did together,” Cera explained. “She’s been several times this hunting season, watching a few smaller bucks, but she’s been waiting for this one particular deer.”

Every time Anna Grace climbed in that special stand, she was joined by a visitor—a red bird. Often believed to represent the presence of a lost loved one, Anna Grace took comfort in the fact that her grandpa was still there with her, just in a different way.

This past Saturday was no different. Dressed in the same overalls she would wear when she hunted with her best friend before his passing, she raised his 30-30 rifle and took this nice buck out of his stand, making this a morning she will never forget and carry with her always.

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