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A Christmas Angel

By Gene McCook

I want y'all to meet Armani Carlyle. Armani is today's hero. My youngest daughter left her wallet in her shopping buggy at Swainsboro, GA today. She called and I went up to Walmart to look for it, looked in buggy, on ground, etc. I went to service desk and asked but they couldn't find it in a drawer. Oon my way out, I saw Armani gathering buggies, I asked if he had found a small wallet, he asked if it was a black and white one. I said yes it was. He had taken it to service desk and placed on a counter behind the desk. It wasn't in the drawer, but on the counter behind. All intact. I told him thank you and before I knew it, he was gone in a twinkle of an eye.

So I hit the ATM, and walked around trying to find Armani. I finally I found him. I went to hand him a reward and he told me I didn't need to do that. I said yes I do. And I took this selfie with a fine young gentleman.

We talked for a while. His family is from Twin City, and several of his relatives live near me here in Twin City, GA.

I needed to give Armani a gift and he had given me a gift far greater than I gave. Armani gave me Christmas and the true meaning of it. He knew not whose wallet it was, and he showed that the world still has goodness and kindness. Armani showed how easy it is to do the right thing. If any of you happen to see Armani at the Swainsboro, GA Walmart, tell him hello and shake hands with a hero who simply did the right thing and made Christmas even more special.

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