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A loyal ‘Royal’ following

Koty Royal, a 31-year-old born and raised Emanuel Countian, made an account on the popular video app TikTok in August 2020 as a joke to his wife, Hadley. Since then, he has gained a loyal following of more than 444,100 followers and has garnered 3.2 million likes on his videos.

If you ask him, Royal describes himself as a “funny and entertaining person,” which makes him a perfect fit on the app. As a “huge hunter,” Royal enjoys watching hunting TikToks as well as creating them. He posts a variety of content from hunting videos to comedy. His first video was simply to tease his wife, but when it gained 43,000 views by surprise, Royal decided to keep making them. His first “viral” TikTok was a body-positive video about “mom bods.” It received more than 8 million views.

Royal explains, “I think it went viral because a lot of women struggle with a few extra pounds, and the video made them feel a little more comfortable about it.”

He continues to post supportive content and advocate for what he calls the “Mom Bod.”

Royal tries to keep his posts funny, true, and supportive. He credits his impressive engagement on posts to his honest and real personality both online and in real life. Though he never expects anything, he appreciates every like, comment, and share.

As for what he hopes people take away from his account, Royal said, “I hope that people learn to be confident with who they are and what they look like! Everyone is special in different ways. Be who you are and rock it.”

If you are looking for entertainment, laughs, and “raw truth” from a “good ol’ boy,” Royal says to help him out with a follow at @koty_royal.

A member of the carpenters’ union for 11 years and employee at Plant Vogtle in Waynesboro since 2014, he and Hadley just welcomed a new baby girl on April 14.

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