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A mother of 13 kids

By Adeline Ike Celebrating Mother's Day with a special tribute to my amazing Mom! She was born and raised in Kansas. Her parents were only 18 and 19 years old when she was born in 1980, and she grew up in a small town where everyone knew each other. She was a reserved person who avoided parties and troublemakers in school. As she grew into a teenager, she worried about finding a pure and Godly partner. Her mother, Sheryl-- a worship leader, advised her to make a list of traits she wanted in a partner, and one of them was someone from outside of America. This was because my mother couldn't imagine a man from America measuring up to her high standards. Together they prayed over the list, putting it into God's hands. Six months later, Andrew, a young man studying flight training in Kansas, stumbled upon a revival flier at the college cafeteria. He was intrigued and decided to attend the service, where he played guitar on the worship team. While at the revival, he met my Mom in a casual introduction, and there were no immediate sparks. My Mom's mother was part of the Youth Group functions, and they planned to go to a roller rink. At the time, my Mom was with a guy who ignored her throughout the event, leaving her upset and alone on a bench. However, Andrew noticed her distress and sat beside her. She confided in him about the situation, and he offered to take her for a drive. Excitedly, she asked her mother, who agreed to let her go. They ended up at the park, where my Mom said, "Things got more serious." After the revival services were over, Andrew began attending the church regularly. My Mom recalls a time when he was on the floor, down in the spirit, and she just watched him. Love was in the air. My Mom eventually discovered that Andrew's father was from England and had married an American woman he met in Scotland because she was doing a mission trip there. They raised their children in Scotland before moving to America when Andrew was 14. My Mom was pleased with this bit of information and she concluded that Andrew was truly a Godly man. He had the softest voice that pierced her to the core, and every time his blue eyes fell on her, her heart erupted like a volcano. She said, "He was so sweet and calm. He was unlike any guy I had ever met. He was so gentle and caring." My Mom's mother eventually couldn't stand it anymore and straight up contacted Andrew and asked if he liked her daughter. Turns out he did! That day he took her to church, and they started dating shortly after when my Mom was just 16. Two and a half years later, they got engaged and tied the knot in '99. Their first kiddo came along in 2001, and they began their journey as parents. Little did they know that 12 more kiddos would soon be coming. My Mom faced a daunting task, but she rose to the challenge. Despite having 13 children, she became an exceptional mother. She is grateful for her husband, who works as a pilot instructor, and her older kids, who help with the younger ones. Above all, my Mom is thankful to God for blessing her with such an amazing family. If we, her children, could honor her with an award for being the strongest and best mother in the world, we would do it without hesitation. My Mom has done so much for us, and my siblings and I love her to the moon and back. Happy Mother's Day from your 13 children!


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