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Adrian City Council hears from new superintendent

Emanuel County Schools’ new superintendent, Scotty Hattaway, attended Adrian City Council’s monthly meeting last Monday, June 14, and acquainted himself with the town’s mayor and leaders.

At the meeting, Hattaway introduced himself and spoke about his life history. He also delivered a presentation about his goals for Emanuel County Schools and explained his reason for pursuing a career in educational leadership. Hattaway also asked for feedback and presented his contact information, insisting he would be happy to meet or talk with anyone. Mayor Wynola Smith and all council members thanked the superintendent for his time and attendance.

Mayor Smith, under Unfinished Business, updated council on the City of Adrian’s involvement in the American Rescue Plan. According to the mayor, the amount of money received by the city was designated by census numbers. The city is set to receive half of the funding in the coming months while the second half will be received in a year. The money is to be spent on COVID-related costs, water system updates, and broadband connectivity, among other similar projects.

Other items under New Business included an update on the request for quotes (RFQs) the City of Adrian had received, a leaf vacuum purchase, a charter update, a microphone update, a discussion about a business license application, information about the city’s July 4 plans, and an update on the 941 Form.

In reference to the RFQs, Mayor Smith stated there would be no cost to the city and the grant would take care of all costs. Council then voted to go with a proposal from Brownfield and to proceed with the application.

The leaf vacuum should, as of the time of the meeting, arrive within four to eight business days. The purchase was majorly funded by a citizen’s donation to the city.

City Attorney Paul Calhoun told council he would leave the next couple months open for suggestions from city leaders before any action was taken in reference to Adrian’s charter.

Mayor Smith informed council she had spoken with Danny Kirkland about the microphones needed for meetings. Kirkland, she added, was still looking for something that would fit council’s needs and Adrian Annex, the space used for meetings.

In reference to the business license permit, council voted 4-1 to deny the application filed the previous month. Julie Griffin was the sole opposing vote.

Griffin, along with Suzanne Hutchinson, provided information about the July 4 celebration. According to Griffin, several donations had been received for the silent auction. Hutchinson added to that, stating all was going well with the parade entrants and vendors. During this update, Jesse Yawn asked to block off Railroad Street and Nora Boulevard for the celebration; council agreed this was a good idea. Michelle Love then told council she had ordered the car show trophies and would soon be ordering t-shirts since the design was ready. Love also brought council up to speed on the gun raffle, and council heard about the fireworks that had been purchased for the celebration.

In regard to the 941 Form, Mayor Smith updated council, stating the form would address 2020’s third-quarter payroll taxes. This form can be submitted to ask forgiveness for penalties and/or late fees.

Council then moved to New Business, which included the approval of two business license applications, information about sidewalks/curbing, a vote about a banner, and an update about the water tower pump.

The two new business licenses were issued to Michael Byrd doing business as Byrd Auto Repair and James Surrency doing business as S&S Maintenance Contractors.

The sidewalks and curbing update addressed a damage sidewalk in the city. Council agreed to reach out to the involved citizen. If an agreement couldn’t be met, council agreed to have Calhoun send the citizen a letter.

The banner vote was in reference to a shorter banner from the Hinton House.

Finally, mayor and council were informed the water tower pump had been fixed.

Following an executive session for real estate, council heard reports from all department heads.

Yawn, on behalf of the Fire Department, presented reports from April and May. These months, he stated, were “fairly busy.” Existing trouble with the first response vehicle had been repaired, although another issue now needed addressing—the headlights. Yawn also spoke about a training session Adrian Volunteer Fire Department had attended the previous weekend, calling it “informative” about new electric cars and solar panels. Yawn also mentioned he would like to ask for a quick response truck in the future through the American Rescue Plan. Lastly in his Fire Department report, Yawn mentioned the week had been a “rough” one for the fire department and community.

On behalf of the Street/Water Department, Ed Brown stated he had spoken to Johnny Weathersbee about replacing a part for the weedeater. All else, Brown commented, was going well.

Police Chief Kyle Strickland, on behalf of Adrian Police Department, stated the previous month had been a busy one for his agency. Fortunately, no major crimes had been reported. The department’s Ford Explorer had been fixed, and Chief Strickland stated there would be help for blocking off roads for the Independence Day celebration. He also stated APD would be enforcing state laws related to ATVs and golf carts riding in the city limits until the city’s ordinance was corrected. In addition, he informed the group about the total citation fees collected for the first six months of this calendar year, which surpassed that of 2020 on the whole. Chief Strickland closed his talk by thanking the mayor and council for supporting Adrian Police Department.

On behalf of the Safety Department, Hutchinson stated all was well and the safety committee would have a meeting soon.

Rounding out the meeting’s agenda, council members were given the floor to give their individual comments. During this time, Griffin spoke about the Street Department, asking about potholes, ditches, and the employees working in those areas. Hutchinson reported that some 70 kids had received lunches earlier that day through the Summer Feeding Program; these lunches, she continued, would be served to area kids through the next few weeks on Mondays. The kits consist of seven breakfasts and seven lunches.

Council then adjourned.

Adrian City Council will next meet Monday, July 12, at 5:30 p.m. at Adrian Annex on Nora Boulevard.

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