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Adrian City Council Meeting

The Adrian City Council met Monday, August 8th, 2022 at the Adrian Annex. Mayor Smith called the meeting to order. Council Members Suzanne Hutchinson, Jesse Yawn, Michelle Love, Orweco Hutchinson, Robert Fountain Jr. and Mayor Wynola Smith were all in attendance.

After Yawn’s invocation and the pledge, Mayor Smith asked the council to amend the agenda to include a part-time police officer. The motion passed.

Two public speakers addressed the board. Jason Bennett spoke to the council about limb pickup in the city.

He stated its importance to citizens. Mayor Smith replied there is nothing the city can do at the time, but they are willing to take suggestions. Judy Garman from the Recreation Department stated burning limbs is a viable option. Then she discussed the Recreation Department concession stand, asking when it would be completed and if the city could hire someone to do the job. She spoke about activities for the kids and stated it is important for the city to have these activities available.

Hutchinson made a motion to accept the July 11th minutes and executive minutes. Motion passed.

Under unfinished business, Attorney Calhoun passed out copies of the most recent version of the charter to the council. He stated that copies will be available at city hall for pickup and posted online. He also presented the council with ordinances for review. He

stated that they would be available at the clerk’s office for review by citizens.

Under the Bank Building Roof Project, the shingles have been replaced and they’re working on the last part of the project which will be completed in the next few weeks. The city is accepting bids to clear the small area of land next to the bank building.

Smith spoke about the school supply giveaway hosted by the Waymakers group. 115 school bags with supplies were given away at the event. There was a bouncy house, food, and games.

The mayor reported speaking with the auditor about the 2020 audit. Unfortunately there is a problem. The auditor noted missing receipts & unknown charges. The auditor also suggested the city come up with a resolution for old water accounts. Attorney Calhoun stated he would look into it for the council.

Under new business, Chief Strickland shared with the council some aspects of the recently attended law enforcement conference. They covered new case laws and focused on hiring and retention. Also, he was able to acquire some quotes on flashing speed limit signs.

Smith introduced new employee Walter Herrington to the council and went over a list of upcoming events being put on by the Waymaker Community Group. She then presented the council with two business license applications - Smoking BBQ & More and Nature Woods Taxidermy, LLC.

Judy Garman was selected the Yard of the Month winner for August 2022.

An update was given on Christmas planning. The Christmas parade is scheduled for December 3rd and activities will start at 3pm.

Councilmember Love made a motion to hire Elizabeth Carter for the deputy clerk position. The motion passed.

The council discussed a date for property taxes to be sent out and due by. Hutchinson made a motion to send out property tax bills on Dec 1st and have them due on February 1st. The motion passed.

An executive meeting was called. During the session council members discussed needed personnel.

Following the executive session, the regular meeting was called back to order.

Hutchinson made a motion to raise the starting pay of the deputy clerk position to $10 per hour. All council members voted in favor of the motion. Yawn made a motion to increase Chief Strickland’s pay to $22 per hour. The motion passed.

Fire Department Chief Yawn reported that everything with the department is going well. They have been working with the county. Yawn also reported the street/water departments have been busy, especially with grass cutting. Harry Ricks will be attending the water class on October 18th.

Police Department Chief Strickland reported everything is going well with the police department. He did speak to the Department of Transportation about the red light timing and is going to reach out again to see if they can adjust it more.

Hutchinson is preparing the Safety Department grant.

Love stated the Recreation Department is planning for the concession stand. She is also planning a painting class to have at the community center.

Council Members Suzanne Hutchinson, Jesse Yawn, Michelle Love, Orweco Hutchinson, Robert Fountain Jr. and Mayor Wynola had nothing further to report. Meeting was adjourned.

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