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All the Fixin’s expands

B: Christian N. Kraus

It’s always a win for a community when one of their own manages to take a dream and make it a reality. It’s even better when that dream involves the taste of home baked happiness combined with making others’ lives a little sweeter and easier. Janna Gay Tucker is doing just that, and in true, heartfelt Southern Style!

Janna is as humble as they come. She would not dream of bragging about her accomplishments. Maybe that inner sweetness is what happens when her hands touch the pecans (she insists this is pronounced “pee-cans,” by the way) she roasts, the dough she kneads, the sandwiches or wraps she makes, or any of the things she offers to her faithful; the love with which she prepares it all just soaks into the ingredients and makes the outcome something that more than fills your belly—it fills your heart and soul. I mean, Psalm 107:9 is part of their business model (“He fills the hungry soul with goodness.”). They also use a portion of the proceeds from each pecan purchase to donate food items to Weekend Blessings to “help with their efforts to end child hunger in Emanuel County.” That makes the buying power of every dollar spent in her local business go exponentially farther.

Five years ago, Janna started her now expanding business on a very small scale. Encouraged by her husband, Brett, they acquired pecans from his family’s farm (Tucker Farms) in Ocilla, Georgia, and she began roasting them with a little extra touch of flavor. In the beginning, All the Fixin’s offered a few main varieties of roasts: the “All Gussied Up,” which they bill as having “a little sweet and a little spice,” the “Good as All Get Out,” which is roasted and salted (and I swear there’s some butter in there), and you really “can’t eat just one,” and the “No fixin’s,” which were just the Tucker Farms’ natural raw pecans, but shelled and cleaned and ready to do whatever one might dream up doing with them. She also offered pecan candies that, I’m sorry Riverstreet Sweets, it just isn’t worth a trip to Savannah to scratch that itch anymore: her “Ruckus Maker” chocolate and caramel drizzled pecan pieces are very aptly named and there better be at least one for every person on hand (or there will be a fight), and her “Sweet Thangs” pralines deserve a pedestal upon which to be placed. These days she has added more options for the more adventurous palate: the “Burnin’ Slap Up Spicy Pecans,” the “Get ‘Em Riled Up” chocolate pecans, ground fresh pecan butter (SO much better than peanut butter), and, for the coffee lovers out there, a “Caffeine Fix” gift box set that includes their “Goodness Gracious” blend of ground coffee, a couple of small candies, and a hand-fired coffee mug by another local artisan, Dr. Alan Brasher, Humanities professor at East Georgia State College. In recent years, she has also been doing “grab and go” lunches, easy to pick up casseroles and desserts, as well as featuring some other local Georgia growers’ and artisans’ products for sale. It’s easy to see why her thriving business had finally started to bust out of the seams at their small storefront in Twin City, Georgia. So, it was almost as if unseen hands were guiding pieces into place when the owners of the former Sugar Bowl Bakery in Swainsboro (where, through a close relationship with them, she had been using their larger kitchen oven during their off-hours to expand her roasting capacities to meet demand) contacted her with an opportunity she really needed at the time. They wanted to sell. And just like that, Janna Gay Tucker was ready to grow even more.

All the Fixin’s opened the doors to their new Swainsboro location, on Hwy 1 North, on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, and they plan to be open for breakfast and lunch, and for customers to drop in and pick up food items, from 6:30AM-5:30PM, Wednesday-Friday, and from 8:00AM-1:00PM on Saturday. It is utterly dizzying thinking about trying to include here all that will be available for patrons to enjoy. For one thing, Janna wanted to honor the previous owners’ history with the community by continuing to offer many of the foods they served. There will still be amazing hand-made donuts, danishes, muffins, and other baked goods; but, Janna plans to put some of her own flair into the making. For one thing, there will be a donut called The Sugar Bowl, as a way to honor that long-standing relationship (and the public’s yearning for cake donuts!), they will offer one called The Big Red (yes…a red velvet cake donut), one called the Eagle’s Nest (blueberry), another called “Tiger Stripes” (a cookies and cream donut with a chocolate drizzle), and the much beloved “Pigtails” (Sugar Bowl’s take on pigs-in-a-blanket). They will offer hand-dipped ice cream, of course coffee (both hot and cold brews and lattes), charcuterie “fixin’s” sets, the same pick-up casserole and dessert items, and an expanded option gift shop with both her and those other “Georgia Grown” artisans’ wares. See why it’s dizzying?

If ever there was a “home-town kid makes it good” story, this is it. Literally. But, please don’t take my word for it. Check out their website,, to see all they have to offer for yourselves. You can order online and pick up in person. Or better yet, drop in and say hello. I dare you. I guarantee you won’t leave empty-handed, empty-bellied, or empty in your heart and soul.




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