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Athlete of the Week: Caitlyn Fleming

Caitlyn Fleming, a junior at Swainsboro High School, is a leader on the school’s competition cheer team. Originally from Tennessee, Fleming moved to Swainsboro in 2016. Both of her parents work in the school system and support her in everything she does.

Her father works at East Laurens High School while her mother works at Swainsboro Primary School. “Even though we’re all at different places, they always provide me with a strong support system for everything I do. They always tell me I can do whatever I put my mind to and they encourage me to do my best at everything. Every time I get a new skill, they’re proud of me but still push me to be even better! They’re my go-to people, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world,” said Fleming.

Since Fleming will be a senior next year, she expects to be a leader. She believes leadership is something that is very important for every sport and it is what holds the team together. “Being an upcoming senior, I believe that leadership is very important as you are the role model for the underclassmen. I always offer the underclassmen rides to tumbling and always offer to help them with anything they need to work on or anything their struggling with. I’m very big on encouragement. I feel everyone needs encouragement and to be pushed to do their very best. Positivity also plays a big role in leadership. If everyone doesn’t have a positive attitude it will bring the whole team down,” said Fleming.

Being a side base and a tumbler for the team is an important role and sometimes can come with a lot of pressure, but Fleming does her best to remain calm in those situations. She loves the sport and loves the confidence it gives her. “Cheerleading has taught me many life lessons. Being confident in myself has gotten me a long way! I also love cheer because of all the special bonds you make with your teammates. I love all of my teammates and would do anything for every single one of them,” Fleming added.

Fleming is excited for her future and hopes to attend Georgia Southern University and major in something medical related. For her cheerleading career, she hopes to further that as well and become a Georgia Southern competitive cheerleader.

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