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Athlete of the Week: Molly Hammock

Molly Hammock loves the game of soccer; she has been playing since she was in eighth grade. She is a sophomore at David Emanuel Academy, which she has attended since second grade, and loves all the sports her school has to offer. She plays a few sports at DEA, but she loves the challenge of a soccer game.

Her family is very special to her, and they attend each game to support her. “My parents and two sisters support me in whatever sport I am playing. They are my biggest fans,” said Hammock.

Apart from her family, her teammates also support Hammock on and off the field.

On the soccer pitch, Hammock plays a very important position, goalie. Goalie is an intense position because it determines the score of the game and sometimes all of the pressure is on her to make things happen. “As goalie, I feel the pressure of every goal scored falling on my shoulders, but I know that I cannot let myself get down and my teammates are always there to pick me back up.”

However, being the goalie is special to Hammock. “By playing goalie, I can see the entire field in front of me. I am constantly yelling at my teammates to help them get in a good position and support them when they make great plays,” said Hammock.

Her coach, Stephanie McCullough, picks her up through it all. McCullough is the soccer coach at DEA and is supportive of her team. Hammock said about her, “She is an amazing coach because she constantly motivates us to do our very best. She always picks us up when we feel down on ourselves.”

Graduating in two years, the future is bright for Hammock. She plans to attend the University of Georgia to pursue a medical or law degree.

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