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Atlanta Falcons Wrap Up Preseason Play

By Justin Gray

The Atlanta Falcons finished the preseason this past week with another win. The NFL preseason consists of three games and the Falcons finished with a 2-1 record that could have easily been a 3-0 record. They beat the Detroit Lions 27-23, lost to the New York Jets 24-16 and defeated the Jaguars 28-12.

The Falcons hope to continue this winning into a season when many don’t believe they will win more than 4 games. Some notable stats for the Falcon offense is new starting Quarterback Marcus Mariota threw for 164 yards in two games and rookie Quarterback, who many believe will take the starting job, Desmond Ridder threw for 431 yards in three games and added three touchdowns.

The defense has looked decent compared to years past and that will be something to watch for along with the Quarterback competition throughout the year.

The NFL Season starts on Sunday, September 11th and the Falcons play their rivals the New Orleans Saints at home.

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