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Atlanta Hawks Putting Together Impressive Resume

By: Justin Gray

The Atlanta Hawks are known as a good franchise, they’ve just never won much of anything as far as trophies go, while they have stacked many accolades. The Hawks have had plenty of success in the past, but have struggled to finish as they have only played in one NBA Finals (1958). The Hawks believe this is the team that can break that curse. Like other professional sports teams in Atlanta, they are built for success for many years to come. The Hawks are overflowing with young talent and some veteran pieces to complete the puzzle. The Hawks got hot two years ago and made a playoff run that was stopped just short in the Eatern Conference Finals. This year, they are poised to finish the job with superstar Point Guard Trae Young and first-year Hawk Dejounte Murray leading the way. The rest of the players rounding out the starters are De’Andre Hunter, John Collins, and Clint Capela. The bench has been a big part of their success as well with the new found talent of AJ Griffin. Veteran Bogdan Bogdanovic is injured, but a big key too. The Hawks hoist an 11-9 record through the first 20 games, while shooting the worst percentage from three. We all know if they turn that around it's going to be a great finish. The Hawks currently sit fifth in the Eastern Conference standings with 62 games still left to play. The Hawks have three games this week, Monday, November 28 they play in Philadelphia against the 76ers. On Wednesday, November 30, they go play the Orlando Magic and on Friday, December 2, they come home to play the Denver Nuggets. The Hawks will really get into the season right after Christmas. They are a very fun team to watch because they play hard and have a lot of talent. You can tune into these games on Bally Sports on your local TV Station.

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