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Behind the Badge: Tyler McCarty

Everyday our law enforcement officers (LEO’s) put their lives on the line for us, strangers we are to most of them, but they do so willingly and with the understanding that the next call could possibly be their last. In many instances they show up and offer support for someone who is just in need of an ear to listen to their problems. In this weeks Behind the Badge, The Crossroads Chronicle spotlights Officer Tyler McCarty from the Swainsboro Police Department.

Born and raised in Swainsboro, he worked for four years at Crider Foods and four years on grounds crew and as a forklift mechanic.

In 2021 Tyler joined his older brother Keith McCarthy, a Georgia state trooper, in becoming a law enforcement officer. Even though his brother encouraged him to join, “My mother didn’t like the idea of our going into law enforcement, but she still supported us the entire way.”

To become an officer, Tyler had to pass a 14-week course involving, physical and hands-on training as well as classroom courses. He is now a certified law enforcement officer for the state of Georgia. He is a certified first responder. He is also certified in speed detection and operating the Intoxilyzer 9000.

The badge to him means he has the ability to protect and serve the community he has always called home.

His favorite part of being a law enforcement officer is the interaction he gets to have with the children in the community. He enjoys “the smiles on their faces when they get to see and speak with an officer and get the chance to sit inside a police vehicle and play with the lights and sirens.” He strives to always be professional and have the best encounter with everyone he meets.

When hard times arise he says he makes it known and his fellow officers provide excellent advice.

To the Emanuel County community, Officer Tyler McCarty would like to say, “Not all officers are what you see on the TV. Yes, there are some bad apples, but you can’t treat everyone bad just because of one bad apple. Ninety-nine percent of the time, if you have a positive attitude, the encounter with a law enforcement officer will have a positive outcome.”

And to his fellow officers, he would like to say, “Thank you for always believing in me and not giving up.”

We appreciate the time Tyler spent answering our questions and pray for his safety as well as all other Law Enforcement Officers as they work their shifts each day.

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