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Behind the Badge: Weston Coleman

We are so very fortunate to live in small town rural America. Some of the events that involve law enforcement officers we see played out on our television screens and on social media don’t really affect us here in Swainsboro. Nonetheless, when we need our law enforcement officers, we know they are just a phone call away and they are always on duty to serve and protect us. This week, we continue our Behind the Badge series by highlighting yet another of our LEOs, Weston Coleman of Swainsboro Police Department.

What is your education background?

Coleman: I dropped out of college in 2011 but decided to return and I am currently enrolled at Georgia Southern University where I am finishing my bachelor degree in Information Technology.

How long have you been a LEO?

Coleman: I have proudly been a Law Enforcement Officer since 2013.

Why did you decide to become a LEO?

Coleman: I always wanted to be a police officer, so I decided to go to the police academy at the age of 19.

What is your work history as a LEO? What other offices have you worked at?

Coleman: I started out with Emanuel County Sheriffs Office, where I worked as a jailor for a few months before taking a job with Swainsboro Police Department.

What is the favorite part of your job?

Coleman: Taking dangerous drugs off the street and making the streets safer for the community.

What does the badge mean to you?

Coleman: My badge is a symbol of my responsibility to our community. I am very proud to wear it.

Who is your support system?

Coleman: My family and friends are my support system. My family has always been there for me.

How does your family deal with the different aspects of your job?

Coleman: They worry for me and it takes a toll on them. I try to reach out to them several times a day to let them know I am okay.

How do you deal with the stresses of the job?

Coleman: I love to play video games and ride my motorcycle.

How have things changed over the years?

Coleman: They have changed for the better.

What are some issues that you have to deal with under the current atmosphere?

Coleman: It’s no secret that public opinion of police has become more negative in light of recent events. I feel as though Swainsboro Police Department has done a good job of maintaining public trust and police legitimacy. Our citizens have shown amazing support and the atmosphere now is very similar to when I started if not better.

We here at The Crossroads Chronicle would like to thank Officer Coleman for taking the time to share his story with the public and, as always, thank all of our law enforcement officers for their service.

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