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Benefit held for Will Ryan and family

By Henry Wheeler

The benefit was held on Saturday the 25th day of June. I got up early and prayed about going. You see this week was a really tough one emotionally as my daughter is going through a tremendous loss. I could think of a thousand reasons to just stay home. However, I made a commitment to show and support the ride as a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA). We are supposed to minister to others and yet I knew I didn’t feel up to it on this day. I prayed that some of our other members would be there. It’s just a short 10 minute ride from my house to the Swainsboro Moose Lodge. I arrived about 09:25 and was happy to see Chase Price sitting on his bike with a smile on his face. Chase is our Pastors son and the Chapter Road Captain. If you knew Chase you would know that he is very perceptive and a great listener. We registered for the ride and made an extra donation to the cause.

Chase and I went inside to cool off before the ride and to meet Will Ryan and his family. He was in a very serious automobile accident and is in for a long process of rehabilitation. As we prayed with the family we were impressed with his positive attitude. Seeing him smiling in that wheel chair with his wife and those three little girls made me realize that I was where I needed to be. He is blessed to have a loving family for support. His friends from the Moose Lodge said that Will is adventurous, big hearted & always willing to help someone out even if it's a perfect stranger.

The Swainsboro Moose Lodge 1930 planned and put on the Benefit Motorcycle Ride, Chicken Plate sell and Raffle to help raise funds to help him and his family. If you have never planned one of these you cannot imagine all the coordination needed to make it happen. The ride was approximately 80 miles with three stops. It was a hot day and the Lord blessed us with a safe ride. There were at least 30 bikes in the ride and the benefit raised $3920.50 for Will. For more information about the event please check the Facebook page for the Swainsboro Moose Lodge. We were blessed to be allowed to minister to and ride with a very caring group of Motorcyclists.

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