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Blockett, Smith sign with East Georgia State College

Emanuel County Institute continues to produce student-athletes who chose to remain local to not only continue their education but to also allow fans to see them play on the collegiate level. The latest additions to this growing trend are Nu’Turi Smith and Reggie Blockett who recently both signed with East Georgia State College to play basketball. Both of these amazing young people have had fine careers at ECI and wanted to continue playing basketball but didn’t want to be far away from family and friends so they wouldn’t have an opportunity to see them play. Having East Georgia State College in their “backyard” will allow their respective families to continue to enjoy seeing them as they mature. The Crossroads Chronicle reached out to both players to get their perspectives on their choice to stay local.

What are you most excited about playing at EGSC?

Smith: I’m most blessed to play at EGSC. I’m excited for a new chapter in achieving something I really love.

Blockett: I am looking forward to playing on the court with my new teammates and making a good impact on the team.

Looking back on you career at ECI, what are you most thankful for?

Smith: ECI improved me as a player by helping me with my weaknesses and in achieving something I love.

Blockett: The coaches made me a better person and player at ECI. I especially thank Coach Clark.

What will you miss the most about playing at ECI?

Smith: I will miss the people at ECI and the team. They helped me become a better person, and I really thank them for that.

Blockett: I will miss playing high school sports and the teachers that have helped me move forward in life.

The Crossroads Chronicle wishes both of these young student athletes the best in their future endeavors.

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