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Board of Assessors to send out 2021 tax assessment notices

Local property owners should be on the lookout for important mail starting the first week of July.

According to Chief Appraiser Joyce Lamb, the Emanuel County Board of Assessors will send out 2021 Notices of Assessment on July 6, 2021.

The annual tax notice as required by law is dated and gives the owner’s name, along with his or her last known address. Other statewide information required on this notice from the board of assessors is as follows:

• the amount of the previous assessment;

• the amount of the current assessment;

• the year for which the new assessment is applicable;

• a brief description of the assessed property broken down into real and personal property classifications;

• the fair market value and assessed value of the property subject to taxation;

• the names, phone numbers, and contact information of the persons in the tax assessors’ office who are responsible for handling the appeal;

• a statement that all documents and records used to determine the current value are available upon request;

• and a choice to select one of three appeal methods. These methods include County Board of Equalization (value, denial of exemption, or taxability); Arbitration (value); and County Hearing Officer (value or uniformity on non-homesteaded property value greater than $500,000). Some selections may incur additional cost.

The amount of ad valorem tax bills for 2021 will be based on the appraised (100%) and assessed (40%) value of this notice.

Recipients of this mail have the right to appeal this assessment to the Emanuel County Board of Assessors. Appeals must be filed no later than 45 days from the date as noted on the Notices of Assessment. If an appeal is not filed by that date, the right to do so will be terminated.

For more instructions, see “Six Ways to Appeal your Property Tax Assessment” found within the Notice of Assessment packet or on

An Appeal of Assessment form will be included in this packet for convenience.

The Emanuel County Board of Assessors is available by phone at 478-237-1222. Visits to the local office should be made only if necessary.