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BOE presents STAR and other honors

Abridged from Board Bits by Deanna Ryan

The Emanuel County Board of Education met on Thursday, February 16, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. at the Swainsboro Middle School cafeteria with the following members in attendance: John Allen Bailey, Del Brown, Mason Henry, Cherie Hooks, and Johnny Parker. Absent were Tanya Lane and Sandra Swinney. Mason Henry welcomed everyone to the meeting and delivered the invocation followed by Johnny Parker leading the Pledge of Allegiance. The agenda was approved as presented.

Ms. Tammy Gray recognized the following recipients for the January 2022 Service Awards. The F.A.M.I.L.Y. award went to Cassie Way, a Special Education Teacher at Swainsboro Primary. Cassie was chosen because she went above and beyond by volunteering herself to make a move, mid-year, to be able to provide services for the students in a vacant classroom during staffing changes. The P.A.U.S.E. award went to Shanna Wilkerson, Senior at ECI. If Shanna “sees that a fellow classmate needs help, she is the first to step up. She is also so friendly and will speak to anyone and makes it a point to get to know people. She does so many community service projects through FFA like helping with the community garden and various events throughout the county such as the pine tree festival.” The S.A.S. award went to Pearl Cuyler, Head Custodian at Swainsboro High for not only consistently seeing that things are in order, but also greeting all staff members with a warm-hearted smile.

Dr. Denise Warnock recognized STAR Students Karly Olliff for ECI and Manuel Fernandez for SHS. She then recognized STAR Teachers Frank Wimberly for ECI and Joey O’Neal for SHS. Karly Olliff was chosen as the Emanuel County STAR Student and Frank Wimberly as the Emanuel County STAR Teacher.

Dr. Denise Warnock then went on to recognize the Middle School Jr. Beta and Band Awards.

SMS State Jr. Beta Convention winners were: Jaliyah Hall 5th Place for 6th Gr. Language Arts; Juan Perez-Hernandez 2nd Place in 6th grade Spanish; Emma Sconyers 1st Place in Three Dimensional Design; Dei-Vion Davis 1st Place in Speech; Maci Sumner 2nd Place in 8th grade Language Arts; Dei'Vion Davis Golden, Zaylin Lee Golden, and Emma Jay Irvin all received Golden Tickets in Premier Performer; Nathaniel Lloyd, Michael Barrett, Ryan Robinson, Ethan Mason, Thomas McCullough, Emilio Talledo, and Mason Outlaw all received 4th Place in Robotics (Judy Cannady Robotics Sponsor); Bryce Chapman, Lexsy Brown, Daylan Riner, Emma Jay Irvin, Emma English, Emma Sconyers, Deasia Greene, and Lilly Wheeler 3rd Place in Living Literature (Amy Screws Living Literature Sponsor); Lillian Mason, Grayson Brassell, Daylan Riner, Gi'Zyria Kirkland all received 3rd Place in Musicology; Amelia Clements, Lexsy Brown, Lilly Wheeler, Dei'Vion Davis, Bryce Chapman, Deasia Greene, Emma Sconyers, Savannah Jackson, Arlin Swanner, Layla Headrick, Savannah Thompson, Hannah McSpadden, Emma Jay Irvin, Lillian Mason, Emilio Talledo, GiZyria Kirkland, Alleson Price, Nathanial Lloyd, and Tate Torpy all received 1st Place in Songfest (Marcie Gay Songfest Sponsor)

ECI State Jr. Beta Convention winners were: Lawson Frye 4th Place in Speech; Camden Hall 4th Place in 3D Design; Kevin Juarez-Aragon 4th Place in 6th Grade Spanish; Amelia Meadows 2nd Place in Quilling; Skyler Walden 4th Place in Sculpture; Joni Wimberly 4th Place in Black & White Photography; Davis Johnson 4th Place in Solo; Chanlee Youmans 5th Place in Pottery; Zoey Robertson, Aniston O'Dell, Hadleigh Henry, Mary-Ella Walden, Brylee Rountree, and Avery Snellgrove all received 5th Place in Living Literature; Lawson Frye, Hayden Wilson, Sheppard Purcell, and Kevin Juarez-Aragon all received 4th Place in Technology; Charley Mitchell and Jonna Woodward received 1st Place in Apparel Design.

SMS District Honor Band recipients were: Carly Kersey, Flute; Zailyn Lee, Clarinet; Lillian Mason, Clarinet; Emilio Talledo, French Horn; Emma Sconyers, French Horn; Malyiah Jones Bari, Sax, Principal Chair; Grayson Brassell, Trumpet; Taden Brinson, Trumpet; Shannon Benjamin, Euphonium; Jose Perez-Lopez, Euphonium; Cameron Cummings, Tuba; Jayden Wilcher, Tuba; and Kolby Barber, Tuba.

SMS UGA Honor Band recipients were: Shannon Benjamin, Euphonium; Grayson Brassell, Trumpet; Kenzlee Bush,Alto Sax; Cameron Cummings, Tuba; Dei'Vion Davis, Percussion; Carly Jersey, Flute; Malyiah Jones, Bari Sax; Gi'Zyria Kirkland, Flute; Zaylin Lee, Clarinet; Lillian Mason, Clarinet; Thomas McCullough, Trombone; Mason Outlaw, Trumpet; Jose Perez-Lopez, Euphonium; Maci Sumner, Oboe; Arlin Swanner, Horn; Emilio Talledo, Horn; and Jayden Wilcher, Tuba.

SMS All State Band recipient was Grayson Brassell, Trumpet.

SMS All State Band Finalists were: Grayson Brassell, Trumpet in All State Band (Recognition Only); Malyiah Jones Bari, Sax All State Finalist; Shannon Benjamin, Euphonium All State Finalist.

ECI District Honor Band recipient was Elizabeth Swygert 6th Chair Trumpet.

ECI MidFest Honor Band recipients were: JoAnna Arms, Clarinet in Woods Honor Band; Aaron Spears, Contralto Clarinet 1st Chair in McCardel Honor Band; ShayLynn Brantley, Alto Saxophone in Murray Honor Band; Elizabeth Swygert, Trumpet in McCardel Honor Band; Claire Akridge, Trombone 6th Chair in Eaddy Top Honor Band; Evie Dowd, Trombone in Grace Honor Band; Emily Scarboro, Tuba in Grace Honor Band; and Kir Perez, Percussion in Woods Honor Band.

ECI JanFest Honor Band recipients were: Aleigha Ducker, Flute in Knopps Honor Band; Jackelyn Hebert, Flute in Harper Honor Band; Cailey Fann Flute, Roth Honor Band.

Dr. Denise Warnock gave an update on staff Professional Learning while Jansen Ware gave an update on the SHS Tennis Court.

During the consent agenda the minutes of the January meeting were approved. Mollie Smith reported on the budget and a list of spring fundraisers was provided. Among these fundraisers were: TCE’s Jr. Beta Pancake Supper Benefit, 5th Grade Dance, and Talent Show; SPS’s School Ice Cream Sales; SHS’s Senior Class Signature T-Shirt Sales; SMS’s Media Center Popcorn Sales, Book Fair, Pull-A-Pops, along with 7th grade’s St. Patrick Dress Down Day,6th Grades Dress Down Day and Gift Baskets, and Jr. Beta’s World’s Finest Chocolate Sales and Silent Auction. Also approved was the revised 2023-2024 Academic Calendar, the United Memorandum of Understanding between ECS and SEGA United Way, and SPS Reroofing Certificate of Completion.

The Board approved the employment of the following certified employees: Grayson Mendieta, SHS Assistant Principal and Athletic Director; Salina Patton, SHS teacher; JT Pollock, Athletic Consultant (49%); Eric Schilling, SHS Teacher; Kateria Taylor SMS Teacher; Valorie Watkins, HR Director Central Office.

The Board approved the employment of the following classified employees: Jennifer Chalker, Parapro Pre-K; Heather Carmichael, SES SFS Worker; Tiffany Green, Parapro Pre-K; Makika Kelly, SMS Parapro; Lakendra Pierce, SFS Worker; Taylor Silva, SPS SFS Worker.

The Board approved the resignation of the following certified employee: Hope Barbero, SPS Teacher; Jacob Kimmons, SMS Teacher; and Laney Waters, SPS Teacher.

The Board approved the resignations of the following classified employees: Danielle Cunningham, SHS Custodian; LeaAnn Williams, Emanuel County Nurse Coordinator.

The Board approved the retirement of the following certified employees: Pam Baggett, ECI Teacher;Jessica Barber, SPS Special Education Support; Sonya Davis, SMS Teacher; Cornelia Jackson, SHS Teacher; Karin Screws, SES Teacher; Wanda Simmons, TCE Teacher; Burnestine Thomas, SPS Teacher; Teresa Thomas, TCE Teacher.

Superintendent Hattaway, ECI Honor Band Award Recipients, Band Director Ashley Akridge

Band Director Gene Hundley, SMS Honor and All-State Award Recipients, Board Member Cherie Hooks

Board Member John Allen Bailey, ECI Jr. Beta State Convention Award Recipients, Beta Sponsor Sondra Cowart

Board Member Johnny Parker, Beta Sponsor Amy Hooks, SMS Jr. Beta State Convention Award Recipients, Board Member Cherie Hooks

Principal Ron Hirst, F.A.M.I.L.Y. Award Recipient Cassie Way, Board Member Cherie Hooks

Board Member John Allen Bailey, S.A.S. Award Recipient Pearl Cuyler, Assistant Principal Lindsey Sconyers

Principal Anetria Edenfield, P.A.U.S.E. Award Recipient Shanna Wilkerson, Board Member Dell Brown

Board Chairman Mace Henry, ECI and ECS Star Teacher Frank Wimberly, ECI and ECS Star Student Karly Oliff, SHS Star Student Manuel Fernandez, SHS Star Teacher Joey O'Neal

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