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Brewer brings Kiwanians up to speed on first year in office

During Swainsboro Kiwanis Club’s December 21 meeting at Rustic Grill at 7 p.m., Jeffrey Brewer delivered a special presentation to the group about his first year as Emanuel County sheriff.

Sheriff Brewer started his program by telling about his four weeks of training that took place after the election last November. Joining him at that training were 35 other new sheriffs from around the state, and follow-up training, according to the local sheriff, took place later this year.

Currently, Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office has 65 employees and 35 vehicles in its fleet.

One of Sheriff Brewer’s key accomplishments was the appointment of a six-person command staff that assists him with everything from code enforcement to providing security at the courthouse. (He related to this discussion topic a point about a high-security drug and gang trial, noting the command staff’s role in keeping the area and all people involved safe leading up to, throughout, and after the trial’s conclusion. Sheriff Brewer also outlined the cost of the trial in overtime pay.)

Continuing the discussion, Sheriff Brewer explained the office has deputies on patrol 24/7, each with in-car video units and body cams for the deputies. Additionally, there are four traffic units operating, which is an increase from two units at the start of the year.

ECSO has four investigators; these personnel deal with drug- and gang-related crimes, computer crimes (sex crimes), and crimes in general.

The S.O. also has four school resource officers, one each at ECI, SHS, and SMS, and another unattached to a specific school.

Sheriff Brewer then shared information about the Emanuel County Jail, which has a very high population as of the time of the meeting. Due to COVID, the sheriff’s office is planning to hire a full-time nurse and has already hired a part-time maintenance person to better handle maintenance at the jail.

Finally, the sheriff closed with a brief discussion about personnel training. All personnel have already received or will soon receive Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (also known as “ALERRT”), crisis intervention training, and training in the use of ballistic vests.

In other news, the Kiwanians reviewed and took action in regard to the shot gun raffle.

Mayor Charles Schwabe drew the winning ticket, which went to Bryant Lewis. Sheriff Brewer assisted the mayor with the drawing. Kiwanian Frank Patrick sold Lewis the winning ticket.

Mary Ellen Smith, however, was this year’s top ticket-seller for the shot gun project.

All proceeds from the 2021 fundraiser were used to purchase 46 bicycles, which were handed out at Swainsboro Primary School by a group of local Kiwanians on December 15.

Prior to adjournment, Tracy Mason won the red velvet cake baked by Petite Garrett and donated by Smith. Cheryl Goodman took home a pizza donated by Domino’s; she also won a box of cookies. Pepper Fields won the bird feeder up for grabs that night. Both the cookies and feeder were donated to the sheriff’s office.

In closing, President Diana Wedincamp reminded all about the club’s next big event, the Resolution 5K on January 1, 2022 at East Georgia State College.

Thirty-two people attended the meeting, including 10 guests: Barbara Fields, Brenda Henry, Austin Henry, Cliff Mason, Wanda Michael, Zane Scarboro, Jimmy Allen, Betty Clapham, Danny Fortner, and Mayor Schwabe.

To become a member of the Kiwanis Club of Swainsboro, contact Membership Chair Jane Durden at 478-494-4113 or e-mail her at For more information about Swainsboro Kiwanis Club and the many community service projects it does each year, go to or visit the club’s Facebook page.