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Brier Creek Militia and Artillery fire 3-Round Volley

Several members of the Georgia Society, Sons of the American Revolution traveled to Pine Brook Nature Park on Highway 80 west in Swainsboro on recently, to participate in the event to Honor the 13 service members that were killed on August 26, 2021, in Kabul, Afghanistan.

On September 6, 2021, 13 flags were erected on the fence in front of the Nature Park to honor these fallen service members. This year's event, held at 3 p.m. was attended by more than 60 people.

The event opened with a welcome from John Tapley, then the invocation was offered by Rev. Willie Bush. After the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States was led by Jim Dekle, remarks were made by John Tapley.

Next the Remembering of the Service Members was held by John David Bailey and Shari Watt saying each member's name and a bell was rung by Jim McCurdy after each.

Gary Mason and Willie Roberson then carried the Banner with each service members name to the fence for the "Hanging of the Banner" assisted by members of the "Glad Garden Club".

Commander Steve Burke then held the Flintlock and Cannon Salute with a 3-round volley, 21 flintlock shots and 9 cannon shots. Veteran Robert Nobles then played taps on his bugle. Afterward, Rev. Willie Bush presented the benediction.

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