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Brinson rakes in awards at PTF car show

Junior Brinson has been around the block once or twice in his classic cars. He’s also been around the block a few times winning car shows. This past weekend was no different. He is photographed here with several trophies from the Pine Tree Festival’s annual car show.

Brinson showed his own ’48 Chevrolet pick-up, pictured in the photo, and placed in the top 30. The trophy he’s holding was awarded to him for that accomplishment.

In addition, he showed two cars that belong to Danny Wayne Faircloth: a ’60 Impala, which placed in the top 30, and a ’66 GTX, which received Best Mopar. The trophy on the ground on the left was given for the Impala while the largest trophy, the one in the middle, was given for the GTX.

Over the years, Brinson has shown many of Faircloth’s classic vehicles. He has won Faircloth almost 40 trophies during that time.

Lastly, the trophy on the ground at right belongs to Harrison Pitts, whose entry placed in the top 30 as well. Pitts had to leave the event early, so Brinson picked up his trophy and took it to him Monday.

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