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Broxton, Davis, and Reynolds win November awards

On Wednesday, December 15, three individuals in the local school district received awards from the Emanuel County Board of Education and Superintendent Scotty Hattaway.

The BOE and Hattaway announced the winners during last week’s board meeting. Manzie Broxton, assistant principal and athletic director at Emanuel County Institute, received the F.A.M.I.L.Y. Award, Twin City Elementary bookkeeper Brandi Davis received the S.A.S. Award, and Swainsboro High School senior Savannah Reynolds received the P.A.U.S.E. Award for the month of November.

The following quotes were penned and posted to Emanuel County Schools’ Facebook page to support Broxton, Davis, and Reynolds winning the awards:

About Manzie Broxton: “Manzie Broxton goes above and beyond for teachers and staff at ECI. He does not mind getting his hands dirty, rolling up his sleeves, and doing whatever needs to be done. He is gracious and giving to anyone who has a need, whether it is a student or staff member. He exemplifies F.A.M.I.L.Y. He puts others first and shows love and respect for all.”

About Brandi Davis: “Ms. Brandi does an amazing job as bookkeeper. She is always helping the staff and students at TCE. She keeps our accounts in the black, our bills paid, and TCE couldn’t run without her.”

About Savannah Reynolds: “Savannah is a member of the student advisory council, and she brings a breath of fresh air to the group. She is a natural leader; students follow her lead. Savannah is very involved at SHS, and she gives her all to everything she takes part in. She is a diligent worker at the BOE, and she also works in a law office in Swainsboro. Her future will be very bright.”

These three awards were implemented last month as the BOE honored the inaugural recipients in October. The mission of the F.A.M.I.L.Y., S.A.S., and P.A.U.S.E. Awards is to celebrate individuals who exemplify the familial ideals expected within the district as emphasized by Hattaway upon his arrival to Emanuel County Schools in August.

The acronyms stand for “Forget About Me, I Love You”; “Service Above Self”; and “Pupil Acknowledgement Using SAS/FAMILY Examples”.

The November winners were announced last Tuesday night, and they received their certificates on Wednesday, December 15.

In the future, nominations for these three awards will be accepted by the Emanuel County School System from employees on a monthly basis.

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