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California cyclist pedals through Swainsboro for a cause

Flynn Donoho’s cross-country bike ride raising awareness for cancer began over a decade ago. Since January 6, 2011, the Huntington Beach, California native has left home with his dog, Diva. The two stopped in Swainsboro last week. He arrived Thursday and left Sunday.

Donoho says he’s riding to raise awareness and funds for cancer. As he makes this year’s journey, he asks people to donate to the American Cancer Society via

The 62-year-old said to The Crossroads Chronicle on Friday he’s doing this in honor of his sister-in-law, Melinda, who is a 10-year breast cancer survivor.

In addition to Melinda, Donoho mentioned his late 35-year-old stepsister and a late 90-year-old friend, both of whom died from cancer, and his stepbrother who battled prostate cancer in secret for a year and a half.

During his trip across the U.S., Donoho has had his share of surprises. For instance, he said he was hit by an 18-wheeler and bitten by a rattlesnake while in Texas. His faith in God keeps him going, even in troubling times such as those.

“I don’t ask nobody but the Lord for things. I call myself ‘FROG’ because I ‘fully rely on God.’ God has told me throughout this journey, ‘Don’t rely on the manna. You’ll have more tomorrow. I supply.’ And He has! He’s always kept me while I’m riding.”

En route to Swainsboro, Donoho traveled through Hazlehurst and Lyons. This was his first time in the Crossroads of the Great South. He said, “I like it here! It’s pretty. Everybody’s been really nice. My favorite thing about Swainsboro has to be the dog park.”

When Donoho left Sunday, he was heading to Midville/Waynesboro.

In the 10 years since he began riding, Donoho has been to all 48 contiguous states at least twice. He has appeared in more than 90 tv news segments and 200 newspapers.

“When people ask me who I am, I just tell them to Google me. I’m legit! My hope is that maybe we can get enough money raised and find a cure.”

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