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Called by name

By Rev. Ranecci Hampton

There is something about being in a crowd, and all of a sudden, you hear someone calling your name. It can get your attention faster than someone yelling, “Hey You!”. For years therapists and behavior analysts studied the effect of hearing one’s name has on a person. Studies show that being referred to by name decreases anxiety and heightens attention. This may be why your mom called you by your first and last name to get your undivided attention. The Bible recounts multiple instances where God or Jesus calls a person by name to get their attention or calm them. For example, when Adam sinned in the Garden, God called him and said, Adam. Who told you you were naked? God may be calling you by name to get your attention and remind you of his authority and direction. Just like Adam, God may need you to be free of the shame the enemy wants you to wander in and simply, find your way back to the Father.

You may be like Mary at the sepulcher. She was so distraught that the Lord’s body was not in the tomb that she mistook him for a gardener. Jesus said to her, “Mary,” and immediately, her eyes were opened to his presence and power. Jesus may be calling you by name to calm you and remind you of his presence and power.

Emergency medical personnel call patients by name to awaken them from a non-responsive state. Jesus stood in the presence of two weeping sisters and called out, “Lazarus, Come Forth.” He woke him from his sleep. Trials, disappointment, and hardships may have you walking around lifeless, dead to everyone around you. You may find yourself in need of being revived. Rest in knowing that God can awaken you and restore the joy of life you long for.

The next time you’re in a restaurant, and they call your name to signify that your order is ready, I encourage you to be reminded that what you have been waiting for is ready. Whether it is peace, forgiveness, direction, healing, or provision, it is READY and just for YOU.

Take some time to turn off the noise and distractions around you and listen for the voice of the Father. He is calling your name. He wants your full attention and wants you to let go of disappointment and embrace his deity.

Rev. Ranecci Hampton resides in Twin City, Georgia. Rev. Hampton has been in ministry for over 20 years. Rev. Ranecci and her husband, Pastor Jonathan Hampton, are founders of Life Application Ministries in Twin City.


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