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Canady to suit up for East Georgia State

An Emanuel County Institute standout softball player will keep her talents close to home. On January 13, she signed with the local state college to continue her career.

Her high school head coach, Frank Wimberly, provided comments about her time as a Lady Bulldog and what kind of athlete the Lady Bobcats solidified in the incoming freshman’s signing.

“Macy has done an incredible job of getting better each year. She is a natural at first base with a clean mitt and natural length, but what has propelled her to this opportunity has just been pure grittiness and grind.”

According to Wimberly, Canady “really flipped a switch” as a junior during the off-season, often putting in extra work in the batting cages or in the weight room with an intensity that only comes from being goal-oriented.

“She saw the fruits of that intensity this past season, and so did our team. Equally important is her commitment to her teammates and putting the program before herself,” Wimberly continued. “This season, we moved her to the outfield to get an extra bat in the line-up. In the game that would send us to Columbus, we were tied and our opponent had runners on first and second with two outs late in the game. The batter unloaded on one and drove it to the gap about 10 feet short of the fence. Macy laid out from a full sprint and caught the ball just before it hit the ground to get us out of that jam. We went on to win that game by 1 run and advance to the Elite 8.”

Starting this fall, Canady will transition to playing for a team led by a different coach with the same last name. The Lady Bobcats’ Chuck Wimberly says he has followed Canady for a few years and is excited about what she will bring to the Green and Gold.

“I’ve watched Macy play since she was a young girl at the recreation department in Emanuel County. She has really good skills in the field and a good bat. She will be a great addition to our program, and I look forward to coaching her in the future.”

With her signing, Canady became the seventh Lady Dawg in eight seasons to move on to the collegiate level.

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