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Candidate in labor commissioner race visits Swainsboro

Georgia State Senator Bruce Thompson visited Daniels Chevrolet in Swainsboro on December 17 as part of his duties as Chairman of Economic Development and Tourism, but the visit also provided an opportunity for him to discuss with Georgia business leaders about avenues to make positive change to the labor climate in the future. Thompson, who currently represents the 14th District in the Georgia Senate, is running as a Republican candidate for labor commissioner.

At Daniels Chevrolet, Thompson met with Ed Daniels and Swainsboro’s mayor-elect at the time, Greg Bennett. This visit was one of many businesses both large and small throughout the state.

“As Chairman of Economic Development, I travel to meet business leaders all over the state,” Thompson explained. “I need to understand challenges within their businesses so that we can find solutions for growing and sustaining them.”

He is especially sympathetic to Georgia Business owners because he is one himself. He is currently an owner in Quoteburst, Lifecycle, Textwave, Strong Tower Development, Bruce Thompson Enterprises, and Providential Development and Consulting. He also serves the community through extensive work with various non-profit organizations.

With a senate seat and a coveted position on a cherished committee, why does Thompson want to push to be labor commissioner? Well, Thompson says he wants to work behind the scenes for those who work in the public.

“I want to fix it and hand it back to you,” he explained. “We have had an agency with many problems that have lasted a decade. It has affected many lives—especially during the pandemic. I’m all about bringing better opportunities to Georgia. That means, in this case, developing the workforce.”

This brief stop in Emanuel County is one of many on Thompson’s mission to be elected Georgia’s newest labor commissioner. Thompson is documenting many of these stops on his website under “2 Lane Travel” blog. For more information on his background, plans, and future stops, visit

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