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Caught Being Good: Jace Scarboro

The Crossroads Chronicle’s “Caught Being Good,” inaugurated in this February 3, 2021 edition, serves the purpose of highlighting our community’s good-hearted spirit. To submit your own nomination for Caught Being Good, email the nominee’s name and reason for consideration to Deadline is Friday at noon.

On January 27, Jace Scarboro was recognized for his selflessness and commitment to others in a ceremony in front of the entire David Emanuel Academy student population and staff when he received the school’s Kindness Award for the month. Headmaster Haylee Free introduced the son of Kellie and Alan Scarboro as a “young man who truly stops what he’s doing to help others” and someone who “doesn’t hesitate to jump in and help or to go out of his way to lend a helping hand.”

In regard to picking the latest Kindness Award recipient, one staff member said about Scarboro, “This funny, sweet redhead always has a smile on his face as he comes to the office for his daily mask, he asks if he can assist with Junior Pro. This is not a staff students are lining up to help with. Herding cats can be a difficult task, but this student volunteered and said he would get his teammates to help, too—and he did just that.”

Another qualifier for Scarboro’s receiving the award leans on a long-standing joke that DEA has its very own moving company, also known as its group of high school boys. Scarboro is the epitome of that; he, according to a second staff member, is always ready and willing to help lift, move, stack, or clean anything to better the academy. One day as he was walking back to class from break with his friends, he left the group to visit the middle of the basketball court for the purpose of seeing if he could help clean up from the first graders’ book signing event. Without hesitation, Scarboro voluntarily began picking up chairs and walked them back to teacher Dana Durden’s classroom.

Free, in her closing comments, said the gestures of kindness and sacrifice Scarboro carries out and the heart he has for doing for others without a clue anyone is watching him made him an ideal candidate for the award… And that, in a nutshell, makes him an ideal candidate for “Caught Being Good.”

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