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Chamber Member Spotlight: Shop Rite Pharmacy

Shop Rite Pharmacy opened its doors in 1975 with the founders and owners, the late Danny Tapley, and his business partner at the time, Butch Parrish, at the helm. Tapley and Parrish had a dream to create a local, independent pharmacy that would specialize in providing exceptional care at the lowest possible cost. The two wanted the business to be family-oriented and their customers to be treated as friends. The store was originally located just across the street from the current location where there is now a park. Shop Rite then ventured into the beautiful downtown area, and this was home for many years. The business loved being right in the heart of Swainsboro, but after many years in the downtown area, leaders had a vision of a brand-new store near the first location. Shop Rite now calls 605 West Main Street home, and the company loves the current building and location. Shop Rite continues to provide the same excellent care and love creating relationships with the community.

Shop Rite Pharmacy is currently owned and operated by Tapley’s daughter, Ashley Parker of Swainsboro, and consists of 12 employees. Parker graduated from pharmacy school in 2013 and immediately started working at Shop Rite under Tapley, learning as much as she could. Parker enjoyed working at Shop Rite as a teenager, and knew she wanted to follow in Tapley’s footsteps and continue to provide the same type of pharmaceutical care. Shop Rite is a locally owned, full-service, independent pharmacy and boutique offering in-store service, free delivery, drive-thru window service, vaccinations, pill packaging, compounding, free health screenings such as blood pressure and blood sugar readings, and medication reviews to enhance compliance. The business also has a gift shop inside that offers unique gifts, free gift wrapping, gift baskets, and embroidery. Over the years, Shop Rite has provided many other services such as medical equipment, Radio Shack, Eat Rite, and its gift department as well.

The pharmacy prides itself not only in being knowledgeable in the business but for having care and compassion for everyone the staff encounters and going above and beyond to try to meet each individual need. Clients are provided with the best service possible at a fair market price and are treated with respect. Every effort is made to provide assistance and answer questions with communication being the foundation for quality care and services provided to all patients. Shop Rite values the relationships and bonds that are created with members of the community. The business strives to always provide quality care while creating friendships within the community and have a goal to provide quality care to members of the community at affordable prices.

Shop Rite Pharmacy has played an important role in the community in several ways. The company has employed so many faces over the years, and Parker says she personally runs into people all the time that tell her, “You know, I used to work at Shop Rite.” Shop Rite Pharmacy is also an avid supporter of all local schools, donating yearly to the school systems and several programs within those systems. The pharmacy makes many charitable donations to several benefits and fundraisers throughout the year as well. Shop Rite loves being a chamber member because it keeps the business up-to-date with everything going on in the community and provides networking opportunities. Most of all, Shop Rite is always grateful for the publicity the pharmacy receives through the chamber.



605 West Main Street

Swainsboro, GA 30401

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Phone Number



Social Media

Facebook: Instagram: @shopritepharmacyandgifts


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