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Chief Curtis K. Armstrong attends conference

As part of his continuing education and training in the administration of law enforcement, Chief Curtis Armstrong, of the Garfield Police Department recently attended the 2022 Annual Summer Training conference sponsored by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police. Heads of law enforcement agencies from throughout the state participated in the four-day conference. The Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police is responsible for the delivery of training to the chiefs of Georgia’s police departments and law enforcement agencies.

The Summer Training Conference was held at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center from July 24th through July 27th. This year’s conference covered a variety of topics.

Chief Curtis Armstrong was among more than 625 heads of law enforcement agencies attending the 54th Annual Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Summer Training Conference.

Chief Alan Rowe of the Valdosta State University Police Department and President of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, stated, “In this new era of law enforcement, the expectations of the public demand higher performance and accountability. The pivotal first step to achieving that goal is to attend training sessions that are relevant and up to date. The GACP has done an excellent job in keeping up with the times and providing the necessary training and direction for the police chiefs of this state. Often looked upon as being the national standard, the GACP provides an unmatched caliber of instructors and material to the attendees. In addition, coordinated response to emergencies and crime require that agencies build quality work relationships with one another. The GACP Summer Conference allows Chiefs from all agency sizes, types, and location to learn from each other’s experience to better respond in their own community in the future. The networking and knowledge of the approximately 625 attendees in those classrooms are unprecedented. The GACP continues to excel at providing outstanding training opportunities for our members and will continue to be a national example.”

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