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Chip Caray Leaves Braves Broadcast Booth

By Justin Gray

When you turn on your TV and it’s baseball season, you turn on the Atlanta Braves. That guy you’re listening to, in case you didn’t know, is Chip Caray. Since 2005, Chip Caray has been the Voice of the Braves on Fox Sports South, Bally Sports, TBS, and other networks. Chip Caray was loved by Braves fans and many just felt that connection from listening to him call a big home run, or a strikeout in a big situation. Whether you watch the Braves religiously or just turn on the game because nothing else is on, you know the voice behind the screen. He is leaving for a similar role with the St. Louis Cardinals, many believe it’s because there have been reports of Bally Sports going bankrupt.

This season will be the first time since 1976 the Braves won’t have a Caray in the booth. Chip’s dad, Skip, started with the Braves in 1976 and Chip took over in 2005. Skip was a well renowned announcer and many around the nation loved his voice. This is a tough pill to swallow for Braves fans as he has been a Braves staple since the drought and rebirth in Atlanta. It won’t be the same watching the game without him announcing. Braves fans thank you for all the memories, Chip.

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