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Choo, choo! Mr. Thompson turns 2 with train-themed party

Just before noon on Sunday, January 23, Waylon Clint Thompson celebrated his second birthday with family and friends at the home of his second cousin, Zach Hooks, in Stillmore. He turned 2-years-old on Saturday, January 22, 2022. He is the son of Samantha Hadden (Jason Winfrey) and Jordan Thompson. Waylon’s grandparents are Lon and Nichole Hadden of Guyton, Clint Thompson and Denise Braswell of Swainsboro, Vickie Wilkerson of Wrightsville, Jeff and Cheryl Winfrey of Wrightsville, and the late Sarah Akridge.

The party centered around a train theme. The birthday boy donned a “Choo, Choo, I’m 2!” shirt to match. He had a blow-up slide for entertainment, although his favorite aspect of the party was his cupcake cake.

Made in the shape of a “2” by Maxine Garnto of Wrightsville, these alternating chocolate- and vanilla-flavored cupcakes had green icing and were garnished with pieces of KitKat to resemble train tracks. Select cupcakes iced in yellow buttercream (to resemble caution lights) had railroad crossing signage piped in black.

Additionally, fitting decor—such as a homemade “Waylon Street” sign, an authentic train crossing sign, and traffic lights—were hung throughout the party area.

Guests were treated to hot dogs, hamburgers, a variety of chips and fruit, and, to beat the cold weather, traditional chili and white chicken chili.

Keepsake party favors included real train whistles.

Waylon, with the help of his family while surrounded by guests, happily opened many gifts from the party’s gracious attendees. Among the goodies he received were a new pair of overalls, a new pair of boots, a monster truck, an animated waddle duck, a count-and-win sports center, a pop gun, money to put into his piggy bank, and more.

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