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Christmas Saved, Grinch Apprehended

Many miles from Whoville, the city of Swainsboro sits here. We have felt the effects of the Grinch’s grudge this year, when a wave of citizens caught the Grinch trying to ruin our downtown Christmas cheer. He gazed upon an ornament, a reindeer, a polar bear, and a….cop! Swainsboro PD came to make the Grinch stop! He fussed and he groaned, but the Grinch knew the truth. He tried to steal Christmas, and the police had the proof! The Grinch knew that his luck had grown very tough, when officers placed the Grinch right in cuffs. In the back of a police car, the Grinch was taken away. Now we can hip, and we can hooray, because THIS Christmas, well, this Christmas has been saved.