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Church of the Week: Hawhammock BC

Hawhammock Baptist Church is located just off Canoochee Road in Swainsboro. The church family has approximately 390 members. Hawhammock was founded in 1842 and has grown tremendously throughout the years of service.

The church has been a staple in members of the community’s lives through its services and ministries. For Connie Wiley and her husband, Raymond Wiley, the church has been there for the couple since the beginning of their marriage. “Hawhammock has made an impact on our lives by having a family of church members that show each other love through the services it has to offer,” said Connie. “Hawhammock’s services are a prime example that Christ is the center of our lives.” The couple has been members of the church since 1998.

Hawhammock is led by Reverend Cail Pressey, who has been teaching the word of God to his congregation for 28 years. The Wileys love to hear Reverend Pressey preach the word of God because “he is not afraid to step on your toes and to get you to listen what God has in store for each of us.”

Youth is important in the community of small-town Swainsboro, and Hawhammock does an excellent job in building a foundation in each of its youth members. Matthew McNeely is the church’s youth director. They meet on Wednesday nights in Hawhammock’s Family Life Center.

Praise and worship are important components of each service at Hawhammock. The congregation is led by music director Sharon Weatherford on Sundays. She also leads the choir.

Further, community is important to the church, and the church family plays a huge role in it. Through the Department of Family and Children Services, the church helps with foster care. Upward Basketball is also a huge part of the Hawhammock church community. Through the program, children are taught the fundamentals of basketballs and scriptures that they are given each week.

You can visit Hawhammock Baptist Church services weekly. Sunday school starts at 9:45 a.m. every Sunday, followed by 11 a.m. service. There is also a service every Sunday night starting at 6 p.m. Hawhammock also hosts Wednesday night prayer meetings starting at 6:30 p.m.

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