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Church of the Week: Stillmore United Methodist

Stillmore United Methodist Church was built and established in 1892. Rev. J. Snyder first came to Stillmore in hopes to establish a Methodist Church, and he established the church just as planned, becoming its first pastor.

In 1905, the church burnt down, was rebuilt, and opened back up. Then, in 1910, the church again burnt down to the ground. It was once again restored and opened back up in 1916. “The evidence is there that we are on solid ground and God has planted us right where we are needed,” said Chris Holt, current pastor of Stillmore UMC. Holt has been thoroughly impacted by God’s love. “God’s love has impacted me in a mighty way. It has truly softened my heart and allowed me to look at things through the eyes of Jesus. Along with my heart being changed, God has given me a strong foundation based off of the Bible, which is my concrete law to live by. Most of God’s love gave me salvation and the ability to love others, and the same for my Church family.”

Currently, the church body consists of 14 members and hopes to grow. Their love for the Lord is strong and they hope each inspiring member is willing to spread their love for God. “The love of the Lord I see in each member is inspiring. Everyone is willing to work and serve the Lord to make our church a better place for those seeking the love of God and to learn about the Lord—but most of all, the servant hearts and faith that each member brings to our church,” said Holt.

The church’s roles are filled by willingness to do God’s work. Holt describes each role as “naturally filled” and that each member steps up to the plate and always has the want to show love through what they do for the church and the community. “We just started Sunday school service, and God put Sister Lynn Slater on my heart and she didn’t hesitate, she said yes. She has done an outstanding job, I might add. We are leaders and take care of each other and our beloved church. We are having a chicken plate sale at 11 a.m. this Saturday, and it would not be the success it has become without each member stepping up and being a Godly leader.”

If you are interested in attending this wonderful church, Stillmore United Methodist Church has Sunday school at 10 a.m., followed by Sunday service at 11 a.m. Now, the church is also having Wednesday dinner and Bible study every other Wednesday starting at 6 p.m. This Wednesday will be the first.

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