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Church of the Week: Twin City UMC

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Since February 1898, Methodists have been meeting in the Twin City area. Later, in 1924, Twin City United Methodist Church moved into its current building. For over 120 years, Twin City UMC has been led by dozens of pastors, along with hundreds of faithful members, to serve God.

Currently, the church has approximately 150 members and another 200 constituents it serves.

Rev. David Donnan loves his church with all of his heart. He has served at a variety of churches but thinks the community that his church offers is very special.

“Just today, I was speaking with Mrs. Retha Moxley. She is trying to limit her time out of her home. She shared scriptures with me that she had been memorizing in case she gets sick and can’t hold her Bible or have the ability to read it. It was memorizing.”

Twin City UMC has two weekly services. The church also offers an online service that premieres on Sundays at 9 a.m. “We have faithful attenders and participants. Lisa Lassiter is a

professional in the medical field and has limited her contact with the elderly. Yet, she has been extremely faithful in the participation through our online service,” said Rev. Donnan.

Twin City UMC has a rich history of music. The church was able to host its Christmas cantata this past year. David Dudley, Twin City UMC pianist, shows his love for God through great instrumentation during each service. Choir leader LaVane Mills also is a wonderful addition to the church. “We are original in our blending love of music with love of the tradition of our great faith,” said Rev. Donnan.

Through God’s grace, the church has impacted the Twin City UMC family.

“Being in the Wesleyan tradition, we believe it was God’s grace that saw us before we knew it, saved us, and now sanctifies us. I hope we all try to have lives not based on our own talents or abilities but by trusting and growing in God’s grace,” said Rev. Donnan.

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