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City of Adrian holds November meeting

The City of Adrian’s council members Jesse Yawn, Michelle Love, Orweco Hutchinson, Suzanne Hutchinson, and Robert Fountain Jr. met with Mayor Wynola Smith at the Community Center Annex on Nora Blvd. on Monday, Nov. 14th at 6:00 p.m.

Council Love made a motion to amend the agenda to include the November Yard of the Month. Council Yawn made a motion to adopt the amended agenda. Both motions were passed.

Jason Bennett discussed the Limb Pickup & 2020 Audit. Bennett asked if the 2020 audit would count towards grants as one of the clean audits. The Mayor replied that it was a clean audit and it would once the audits were up to date. Bennett also asked about when the previous city clerk was terminated. Lastly he asked about the limb pickup proposal he presented last month.

Council S. Hutchinson made a motion to adopt the Oct. 10th Meeting Minutes & Executive Minutes and Oct. 24th Special Meeting Minutes. While Concil Fountain made a motion to accept the October 2022 Bank Statements & Reconciliations. Both motions were passed.

In unfinished business, Mayor Smith stated they are still taking bids for clearing land at the community center and bank building and have only received one for each so far. The city maintenance department is continuing to clean up streets and city property. They are currently working on edging and taking care of the buildup of leaves.

Regarding the charter update, Mayor Smith reported the changes the council requested last meeting have been made and the revised version is online for viewing.

The council received the proposed Animal Control ordinance. Attorney Calhoun stated it was based on state law and should have everything the city needed included. The other ordinances are still being worked on. The Animal Control ordinance is posted online.

Love informed everyone of the Christmas Raffle. Tickets are $10 each with the chance to win an Xbox Series X, a 14ft trampoline, and a Nintendo Switch Lite. All proceeds will go to the Recreation Department. S. Hutchinson stated that festivities will take place on Nora Blvd. and the parade will start at 6 p.m. She spoke about vendors and Polly Fountain being the grand marshal.

Regarding the dog situation in the last meeting, the owners have been notified and the cases have been transferred to state court.

Love reported on the Concession Stand update stating the electrical work has been done. The plumbing is currently being worked on and once that is done they can get the equipment inside and finished up.

Mayor Smith stated that the 2021 audit is in progress. The auditor asked for a few more things and the clerks should have them to him by the end of the week. She also informed everyone that the Alternative Compliance Payment (ACP) is available through Pineland and suggested reaching out to the electric companies as well to receive financial help with any home utility bills.

In new business, Mayor Smith introduced the new deputy clerk, Elizabeth Carter. The mayor then stated two employee evaluations will be done for Elizabeth Carter and Walter Herrington.

Yawn stated they will have the Fire Department reimbursements totals ready the first of December.

Mayor Smith stated that the newly elected training will be coming up in March 2023.

Mayor Smith stated that the Employee Christmas Dinner will be on December 9th from 6-8pm. She also announced Bobby Coxwell was the November 2022 Yard of the Month winner.

Yawn made a motion to go out of regular session and into executive session at 6:36pm. When the council returned from executive session, Yawn made a motion for Walter Herrington to become a full time employee and to receive a $2 per hour raise. S. Hutchinson made a motion for Elizabeth Carter to go from part time to full time employee and receive a $1 per hour raise. Both motions were passed.

Mayor Smith stated the council discussed the city council and administrative employees receiving pay out of the general account, water and maintenance to be paid out of the water account and the police department to be paid out of the court account. Yawn made a motion for the city council and employees to receive Christmas Compensation.

During the department head reports Fire Chief Yawn reported that they are currently working on getting their yearly reports together. He thanked the Adrian Baptist Church for the banquet from the previous month.

Yawn reported the street and water departments are currently working on cleaning out the street drain lines.

Police Chief Strickland reported there was a chase over the weekend that ended in a wreck at the traffic light. He urged the community to be careful while traveling due to the increased reports being filed for crashes involving deer. He stated that Michael Thomas has stopped working for the department and he will present the council with his resignation at the next meeting.

Council O. Hutchinson reported that the safety department is still waiting to hear back about the Safety Grant and the recreation department reported there will be bingo Thursday, Nov. 17th at 7:00pm. It’s $10 for 10 games.

The council was asked if they had anything else to report. S. Hutchinson stated the park will be decorated for Christmas soon and lights are being put up later on in the week. Members Yawn, Love, O. Hutchinson and Mayor Smith had nothing to report. Fountain asked the clerk about the issue with water bills. He was informed all bills were corrected but they do not know the exact cause of the issue. He then stated that he would like the council to look into getting remote readers for the water and see if it would be worth the cost.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 7:16pm.

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