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Color Guard participate in Fort Morris event

One member of the Wiregrass Chapter and three members of the Brier Creek Chapter traveled to Fort Morris on Sunday, July 10, 2022, to participate in the National Society Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard.

Compatriot Steve Burke, Wiregrass Chapter, and Don Bazemore, Bernard Martin and Lee Herron of the Brier Creek Chapter took part in the event. At 8:00 a.m., 2 buses carrying up to 100 SAR members each, left the Hyatt Regency and traveled approximately 35 miles to Fort Morris to watch and participate in the event to honor those Patriots that fought and died for our freedoms.

The Fort Morris Ranger asked the Artillery School trained SAR members of the Wiregrass and Brier Creek Chapters to man the Fort's cannon and fire one volley with the cannon and the Militia and Continentals fired one volley with their flintlock rifles and muskets.

After a great lunch at the Dorchester Village Civic Center, all the SAR members and National Color Guard traveled to the Historic Midway Church Cemetery where they participated in the five Patriot Grave Marking event. After laying carnations at the graves of the five Patriots, the Militia and Continentals fired five volleys with their flintlocks and Muskets.

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