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Coming Soon: Swainsboro starter homes

Updated: Apr 20

By Deanna Ryan

New starter homes are smart buys for young families. The two to three bedroom homes can help a couple build equity and escape sinking money into increasing rent costs. Despite the need for affordable smaller homes, they’ve become harder and harder to find, especially in rural towns like Swainsboro. Greg Bennett, developer and current Swainsboro mayor, is ready to do something about it.

Last year Bennett developed and opened the Crossroads Landing subdivision which contains houses on one to nine acre lots that range in price from $200-350,000. 80% percent of the buyers are from out of town, some as far as Vermont, Michigan, New Jersey. Bennett is happy the influx of newcomers has been helping the town grow and will continue to build homes in this range. Still, he admits, a large majority of the Emanuel County residents are not benefiting directly from the subdivision because “it’s not in their price range.” That’s why he is developing a new subdivision of 56 lots where many of the homes will be below $150,000. Payments on the houses, with current interest rates, could be as low as $800 which Bennett notes, “is close to the going rent payment on local houses.”

The new not-yet-named subdivision will hit what he sees as the sweet spot for many residents who are looking for a starter home. Each two to three bedroom, two bath house will be situated on a ⅓ acre plot. Most houses will be one story, with lots of windows, and some with stone, brick, or board and batten siding. The same construction company used for Crossroads Landing will be used for the new subdivision. There will be about six different models so the houses will not all look the same. All designs are from Architectural Designs.

The subdivision will be located off of Highway 1 inside city limits. (SEE BLUEPRINT) Bennett hopes to see construction begin around August.

Plan 51891HZ 2 bed, 2 bath “Board and Batten Cottage”

Plan 420082WNT 1,000 square foot 2 bed “Craftsman House”

Plan 420046WNT 1,o55 square foot “Rustic with Wraparound Porch”

Plan 70670MK one level, single garage “Contemporary Home”

Plan 51926HZ 1,000 square foot, 2 bed “Country Farmhouse Cottage”