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Commissioners pay tribute to Keith Thompson

By Deanna Ryan

Chairman Jim Sherrod began the first meeting of the year by honoring Commissioner Thompson: “I want to take a moment and pay tribute to our friend and fellow commissioner Keith Thompson. Keith meant so much to so many. He was loved and loved dearly by a lot of people. He served this county of commissioner of District 2 since 1999. His leadership and friendship will always be held tightly in our hearts. We rejoice knowing he fought the good fight. Our deepest sympathies and thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Lynn, son Tal and the rest of his family.”

A moment of silence was held in Thompson’s honor.

Following the moment of silence, the January 17th regular meeting of the Emanuel County Commissioners continued at 101 North Main Street. Commissioner DessieDavis began with the invocation. All commissioners were in attendance along with county administrator Guy Singletary and county attorney Richard McNeely. Timmy Oliver attended for his first meeting as commissioner.

The first item of business was the election of chairman and vice-chairman. Hugh Foskey was elected chairman and Jim Sherrod, vice-chairman. Both motions passed unanimously. Then Timmy Oliver was recognized and welcomed as commissioner for District 5.

Next Chairman Foskey announced the 2023 Committee Appointments as: Heart of Georgia, Jim Sherrod and Guy Singletary, Joint Development Authority, Jim Sherrod; Joint Recreation Authority, Timmy Oliver and Jim Sherrod, Emanuel Medical Center, Jim Sherrod; Franklin Memorial Library, Hugh Foskey; Chamber of Commerce, Jim Sherrod; Health Board, Hugh Foskey; Airport, Timmy Oliver and Desse Davis; Workforce Investment Board, Guy Singletary; Twin City and Emanuel County Recreation, Timmy Oliver and Jim Sherrod.

Finally two motions proposed by County Administrator Guy Singletary passed unanimously: the purchase of a year-old grapple truck for $165,000 still under warranty and a Mower Max side-arm mower for $223,000. The side-arm mower will replace one that caught fire. A $130,ooo insurance claim on the previous mower will go to the new Mower Max. To give perspective on the rising costs of equipment, Singletary stated, “Two years ago the $230,000 mower was $160,000.”

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