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Compatriots attend Fort Morris event

On Saturday, November 20, several Compatriots from the East Fall Line Region of the Georgia Society – Sons of the American Revolution (GASSAR) traveled to the Revolutionary War Battlefield between Midway and Sunbury to participate in the annual “Come and Take It” event at Fort Morris.

This year, the Wiregrass Chapter’s Compatriot Alton Reynolds was selected to fire his eight-pounder field gun during the three-round volley.

This made the second year a Compatriot from the Wiregrass Chapter did the firing; Steve Burke was selected to fire his six-pounder naval cannon during last year’s event.

Wreaths were then presented by the East Fall Line Region. Doing the honors were: Wilder Smith Jr., dual member of the Mill Creek and Fall Line chapters; Alton Reynolds, second vice president of the Wiregrass Chapter; Don Bazemore, sergeant-at-arms of the Brier Creek Chapter; Steve Burke, dual member of the Patrick Carr and Four Rivers chapters; and Alton McCloud, vice president of the Little River Chapter.

Following the event, all attending Compatriots joined together for a meal at Sunbury Crab Company.

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