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Congress Hears George Washington's Presentation

On Wednesday night, July 13, 2022, General George Washington, (Compatriot Dan McMichael), Commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, walked into the President Generals Banquet at the Hyatt Regency during the 132nd Congress, National Society Sons of the American Revolution and presented his memories of the Revolutionary War and when he arrived in Savannah on his tour of the Southern States in 1791 as President of the United States.

He discussed the long and difficult road we have all traveled together, but that we have emerged victorious! He said, “today we look back on the struggle we endured and remember the many hardships we faced to help win our glorious freedom!” He told of the little funding and mostly an all-volunteer army that only survived on the thoughts and hopes of freedom.

General Washington recalled, “We suffered many defeats, and our army was in retreat, on the verge of collapse, and being pursued by the greatest army on Earth, the British Army. But then a Christmas miracle occurred, the crossing of the Delaware River and the Battle of Trenton, New Jersey with the Hessian army. The victory was sweet, and it inspired our troops and also got the attention of France, a future ally. Our alliance with the French would prove decisive for our final victory at Yorktown.”

President Washington then told us about his tour of the south, how when he stepped on the barge at Purrysburg, SC to cross the Savannah River, he was greeted by 9 Ship Masters finely dressed in silk and satin. On their round dark hats were ribbons proclaiming, "Long Live the President".

On his voyage down the Savannah River, he visited Mulberry Grove Plantation with Catherine Greene, the widow of our most admired General Nathanael Greene. Then, as he docked in Savannah, the Chatham Artillery greeted him with several 26-gun salutes ensuring that no one in Savannah slept for the next 24 hours.

During numerous toasts, he was introduced to Chatham Artillery punch, a powerful concoction of brandy, whiskey, sweet tea and champagne that certainly livened his spirits. Several of his Generals that led us to victory were present, but unfortunately his most capable General, Nathanael Greene lies in eternal rest there, and to honor his memory and faithful service, President Washinton decided to donate two of the cannons from the battle of Yorktown to the city of Savannah in his memory. Those two cannons remain on Bay Street in Savannah today.

In departing Savannah, President Washington challenged them to not only live a happy life but try to improve the world in some small measure to make this country a better place for our children and future generations. He encouraged, “please give all glory to God, be tolerant of different views, love your friends and neighbors, always be kind to others and let your attitude be one of humble gratitude.”


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