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Reports from ECSO: Week of August 25th, 2021

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Reports from Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office, under the leadership of Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer, are as follows:

Deputies were dispatched to an alarm call on Canoochee Garfield Road on August 16. Upon arrival, deputies found all doors and windows to be secure with no sign of tampering or forced entry. All other structures near the residence were checked and found to be secure as well.

On August 17, deputies helped Johnson County Sheriff’s Office serve an arrest

warrant on Roy Woods Road. The offender was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Johnson County Jail.

A Parrish Pond Road man filed an August 17 report in reference to a fraudulent financial letter he received in the mail.

On August 17, a complainant on Saint Galilee Road reported a civil matter between herself and her landlord. Complainant was referred to the magistrate. She also, at the time of the report, informed the deputy about a prior incident in which the landlord ran into her vehicle, promised to pay for the damages, but hadn’t done so yet. Again, the complainant was referred to the magistrate.

Deputies assisted with a domestic dispute on Norristown Covena Road on August 18.

On August 18, a complainant on 5th Avenue in Twin City reported an offender for violating a TPO.

On August 18, deputies assisted the Georgia State patrol with a single-vehicle rollover involving a log truck on U.S. 1 South Bypass/U.S. Highway 80 West.

Deputy made a traffic stop on Highway 1 South Business on August 18. The driver was ultimately taken into custody, transported to the jail without incident, cited and fingerprinted for traffic violations, and released. The vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

On August 18, deputies were dispatched to a downed tree on Petunia Road at Bluebonnet Road. The county road department was notified and responded to clear the roadway.

Deputies worked with animal control on August 18 to remove an at-large dog at Highway 80 and the bypass.

Deputies as well as local EMS workers were dispatched to North 2nd Avenue to a domestic dispute on August 18.

A complainant on Deer Run Trace reported a dog bite on August 18.

In an August 19 report, a complainant on Moss Trail stated someone climbed the service pole and stole the security light out of it. Deputy observed said light to still be affixed inside the fixture, and the complainant was advised to have the bulb replaced.

On August 19, a caller informed Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office that a small white car had been sitting at the Nunez Park for a while. At the caller’s request, a deputy went and checked out the scene. Upon arrival, said deputy spoke with the driver, who stated he was waiting for his aunt to come meet him there. The driver, according to the report, wasn’t doing anything wrong, and the area was a public place. Thus, no action was taken. Deputy did advise the driver he couldn’t be there past dark.

On August 19, a deputy responded to Crider in reference to security having a tow truck on the premises without permission. Said tow truck wouldn’t leave. After speaking with security and the driver, the deputy advised the latter party that until the owner of the vehicle could meet him at the security gate, he, the driver, would not be allowed onto the premises. Driver then parked across the street and tried to reach the owner by phone.

Deputy responded to Harrington Street on August 19 and met with a complainant, who filed a report about her neighbor’s dogs getting out, coming into her yard, and fighting with her dogs. Deputy spoke with both parties involved and told the dog’s owners to keep her dogs in her yard.

On August 19, a complainant on McCorkle Lane filed a report after being threatened by someone on Snapchat.

Deputies and EMS responded to Magnolia Lane on August 20 in reference to an individual having suicidal thoughts.

On August 20, deputies were dispatched to Highway 46 West in reference to a noise complaint. Deputies arrived and found no noise disturbances in the area.

Deputies were dispatched to Highway 80 West at Highway 1 Bypass on August 20 in reference to a disabled tractor-trailer blocking the roadway. Deputies arrived and did not observe any vehicle blocking the roadway. Traffic was also found to be flowing as usual.

Deputies responded to a domestic dispute on Mincey Road on August 20.

A complainant from Midville visited the sheriff’s office on August 20 and filed a report in reference to a vehicle collision that had taken place about three weeks before.

A complainant on Redbud Road filed a report August 20 in reference to an offender who had entered her residence and stolen two pairs of shoes.

On August 22, a complainant stated her vehicle sustained damage as a result of striking a bridge barrier while traveling Lambs Bridge Road.

An individual at the raceway filed a report on August 21, stating someone on a golf cart tried to cross the track after being told not to do so. Complainant went on to say the golf cart driver, when stopped and told not to cross the track, then ran over his foot and proceeded across the raceway anyway.

In an August 21 report, a complainant stated he struck a deer while traveling Mount Olivet Church Road, resulting in damage to the driver’s side front and back doors.

A complainant on Mustang Road filed a domestic dispute report on August 22.

On August 22, a complainant on Walnut Road reported two individuals for trespassing. Said individuals were located and informed they had been criminally trespassed from the property.

A complainant on Museum Road filed a domestic dispute report on August 21.

A complainant filed a vehicle damage report on August 22, stating someone rear-ended her while leaving Flat’s Lounge.

On August 22, a complainant stated his vehicle sustained damage while traveling Lambs Bridge Road. Reportedly, the complainant ran off the shoulder, then lost control and slid into the ditch.

On August 23, a complainant filed an aggravated assault/battery with a gun report. Complainant stated he was walking down Highway 1 South toward Swainsboro when a vehicle pulled onto the shoulder. Complainant stated he asked the vehicle occupants if they were broken down, to which they stated they were. As the complainant began walking away, he stated the occupants of the vehicle started shooting at him. At that point, the complainant took off running into the woods with two people chasing him. Complainant stated he did not know who the subjects were or why they were shooting at him. He further stated in the report he continued through the woods until he made it to an Old Kenfield Road address, at which point he knocked on the door and asked for help.

A deputy unlocked a vehicle on Cow Ford Bridge Road on August 22.

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