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Reports from SPD: Week of August 25, 2021

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Reports from Swainsboro Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Randy Ellison, were few in quantity this week. Nonetheless, here’s the latest from the city police force:

On August 19, a complainant visited headquarters and filed a report in reference to her boyfriend allegedly entering into her Gumlog Road apartment without permission, began “trash talking” her, and kicked out her kitchen window.

An officer was dispatched to Lucky Spot convenience store on August 19 and met with a complainant there. Reportedly, a customer came into the store and paid for his items with a fake $100 bill.

On August 20, an officer made a traffic stop on East Main Street, which resulted in one woman’s arrest due to driving with a suspended license. The offender was transported to the county jail, where she was fingerprinted, cited, and released.

A Williams Street man reported on August 19 that someone had stolen his red and black, beach cruiser-style bicycle.

On August 20, an employee at Walmart reported a shoplifting incident. The offender was identified, located, and placed under arrest.

A complainant on East Pine Street reported August 20 that a woman whom she had given a ride to had stolen $7 from inside the vehicle.

On August 20, SPD received an anonymous tip connected to a vehicle pursuit that took place earlier. According to the tip, the vehicle had thrown out some contents of the car near South Main Street. Officers followed up the lead just in case. During a search of the area, they found a container that was filled with a green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana as well as another container filled with a white, powdery substance believed to be cocaine. Officers secured the items into evidence but as of the time of the report did not have an offender identified.

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