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Country club receives certificate from Wiregrass Chapter

Swainsboro Golf & Country Club has been formally rewarded for its proper display of Old Glory.

On Monday, November 8, representatives from the Wiregrass Chapter of the Georgia Society – Sons of the American Revolution (GASSAR) visited the Old McLeod Bridge Road facility and presented to Swainsboro Golf & Country Club leadership the 38th U.S. Flag Certificate.

The “Certificate of Commendation” was given by President Wilder Smith Jr. handed over the “Certificate of Commendation” to Club President Cason Devane and Club Secretary/Treasurer Joan Nasworthy, thereby recognizing the country club’s exemplary patriotism by way of displaying the American flag the correct way.

Recognizing people, businesses, organizations, and the government with these U.S. Flag Certificates is a project of the SAR. The Wiregrass Chapter began presenting these certificates in June 2014, and the project is an ongoing one for the local chapter, the GASSAR, and the NSSAR. Others will be honored with this certificate in the future.

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