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County election ends in runoff

Updated: Apr 14

By Deanna Ryan A close race for the District 2 Emanuel County Commissioner’s seat ended last week on March 21st. By the end of the day, the total number of votes were: 102 for Jacqueline Brantley, 126 for Ellis Hooks, and 184 for Ricky Thompson. The total number of votes cast were 412 with only eight provisional votes left.

The runoff will be held on April 18th between Hooks and Thompson to determine who will represent District 2. See The Crossroads Chronicle’s March 15th digital or physical front page article for each candidates’ response to questions and answers regarding their qualifications and intentions for being commissioner.

Early voting will run from April 10th-14th at the Emanuel County elections office from 9am-5pm. On election day, voting will be held from 7am-7pm in Swainsboro at the 4-H Clubhouse, 220 South Circle Drive and in Stillmore at the Community House, 306 North First Street.

Commissioner contenders Thompson, Brantley, Hooks

District 2 map - Are you in District 2? Look and see.

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