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County employees recognized for years of service

Every year, the County of Emanuel honors employees who have served for multiple years running. This year’s recognitions, according to administrative assistant Stacey Scarboro, happened over the course of the last several weeks.

One man led the way with the longest tenure. Captain Marc Curry is photographed with Sheriff Brewer and Sherrod to celebrate his 30-year career with Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office.

Two women have spent a combined 50 years with the county.

Dawn Braddy is now Emanuel County’s magistrate judge. She was celebrated for a career that, to date, has spanned 25 years and counting. Sherrod presented her plaque on behalf of the county.

April Lumley received a plaque from Emanuel County Clerk of Court Kristin Hall, celebrating her 25 years as a deputy clerk.

Felicia Brown, a 20-year employee, is a supervisor at the jail. Sheriff Brewer and Captain Bedgood are pictured alongside her.

Henry Wilkerson is a shop mechanic for the county and was awarded for his 15 years of service. Jeanie Woods, a jail supervisor, was honored for her 15 years with the county as well; Sheriff Brewer made the presentation.

Four others have been with the county for a combined 40 years.

Jeanie Hooks has been with the county for 10 years; today, she works as a probate court clerk. Judge Wilkes handed over her plaque.

Julie Mercer received a plaque as well, handed over to her by Emanuel County Tax Commissioner Sandra Wright, in honor of exactly a decade of service as a clerk with that office.

Lenora Robertson, assistant director of 911, was awarded a plaque for her 10 years of service to the county, too.

Captain West Bedgood now serves as administrator of the county jail, and this past year marked his 10th overall with the county. He is seen photographed with Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer and commission chairman Jim Sherrod.

Finally, nine employees were celebrated for reaching the half-decade mark.

Corrina Coker, clerk at the tax assessor’s office, has been with the county for five years, as has Annette Earls, a dispatcher with Emanuel County 911.

Judy Edenfield, photographed with Sheriff Brewer, works as a jail tower operator and has been with the county for five years as well.

Nickolas Howard is employed as a scale operator at the transfer station and has been with Emanuel County for five years of his own.

Additionally, Nicky Neal has been a clerk with the probate office for five years and received a plaque from Judge Don Wilkes for her dedication.

Scarboro received a plaque from County Administrator Guy Singletary for her contributions over the last five years, then Singletary received a plaque from Sherrod for his five years of service to Emanuel as well.

Jakyn Tyson, Extension agent for the county, was given a plaque to mark her fifth year.

Anthony Dowd, a five-year employee with the sheriff’s office, is pictured alongside Chief Deputy Nick Robertson and Sheriff Brewer. Dowd is a sergeant with ECSO and works as part of the traffic unit.

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