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Countywide clean-up planned for this Saturday

Spring is the time for cleaning, and this weekend will provide an opportunity for everyone in Emanuel, no matter what corner of the county you’re from, to help tidy up our home. Swainsboro, Twin City, Garfield, Summertown, Cross Green, and Canoochee will all have coordinated efforts this Saturday.

Look inside this edition on page 3 for information about Twin City’s tidying plans. Mayor Matt Donaldson and the Twin City City Commission have issued an open invitation to all citizens to take part in the town’s clean-up initiative on April 30.

So does Emanuel County Board of Commission Chairman Jim Sherrod. In his open letter (on page 3 as well) he brings specifics about Garfield, Summertown, Cross Green, and Canoochee.

Swainsboro will kick off at 9 a.m. with a photo at the fountain, then disburse to clean the county seat afterward.

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