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Couple honored with two bridal showers

By Bree Wilson

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, two showers were held for the bride and groom, Jaycee Bowman and Tristan Wells.

The first shower was held at Hometown Family Dental in Swainsboro and was hosted by the staff. The bride to be wore a white color block dress with a jean jacket. Everyone in attendance enjoyed brunch as well as cake. The bride received many things for the wedding day.

The second shower was hosted by Libby and Ashton Bellamy and held at their home. The bride to be wore casual attire. Those who attended were the bridal party and guests. Everyone enjoyed an assortment of finger foods and dips. The shower was a stock the bar shower, so the bride and groom received many things to stock their wedding bar.

The happy couple will swap vows on April 8, 2023.


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